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Engraving – An Everlasting Gift

As so many of us have reflected on the importance of friends and family throughout this unusual year, we foresee many thoughtful gifts, full of extra personalization and meaning. An engraving can transform your lovely gift into a treasure for posterity; it might just be the perfect option. Sometimes a date is all that is needed; sometimes a name or monogram; sometimes a meaningful quote works the magic.

Silverplated Bells

You are probably familiar with our silverplated bells. They are a delightful Christmas tradition but are also appropriate engraved for the bride and groom or the newborn baby. They can be used to commemorate a special anniversary or birthday or as a remembrance to a friend. Choose a handsome style for engraving and create a lasting memory.

Machine Engraving – Traditional A&L silverplated bell.

Pewter Boxes

Pewter covered boxes are another versatile gift. All three styles are perfect for personalization. Monograms on top are the most frequent choice, but dates and messages can be engraved around the perimeter, inside the lid or on the bottom of the box. This has also served as a wonderful gift to the bride with her new initials atop the box and a sweet note and gift inside for her to open on her big day.


Baby Cups & Spoons

Cups and spoons for babies are among the most traditional gifts. Elegant sterling with a hand engraved name or monogram becomes a family heirloom.

People often ask about placement of engraving on baby goods. Though there are no rules to govern the choice, most often we engrave cups with the handle on the right side so that the child can see his name. In general, script fonts are used for girls, and block styles for boys. Again, this is a matter of personal choice. Baby flatware is monogrammed with letters facing the bowl of spoon or tines of fork; or with a name reading from left to right on the handle. Occasionally, a name or date is engraved in the bowl of the spoon.

Hand Engraving – a deeper engraving than machine engraving. Also, a one-of-a-kind look as it is done free hand.

Sterling Cuff Bracelet

One of our most often requested items is a sterling cuff bracelet. something we have sold since the 1960’s. Women wear this bracelet from their teenage years throughout their lives. This is the definitive timeless item! There are several ways to personalize both inside and outside the bracelet – a hidden message inside, a monogram outside, a date subtly placed at one end. The same is true of cuffs and bangles, whether sterling or gold.


An engraved locket may be optimal sentimental gift. A monogram on the front, a date on the back, the locket passes from one generation to the next as a cherished heirloom.

Machine & Hand Engraving

Sterling, silver plated, and pewter gifts can be machine engraved in house, at a very reasonable charge, and usually within just a week.

Hand engraving – truly elegant, a work of art etched deeply in gold or sterling. We offer this service year round. It is perfect for tiny items, curved surfaces, signature replication, flatware, and jewelry. A necessity for the truly discriminating client. Please allow three to four weeks to complete this exceptional work. There are dozens of styles to choose from, and the artist can adopt the basics to reflect the particular nature of the piece involved and of your individual style.

Items not purchased from Argo & Lehne can be engraved in the store. The fee for these items is $40 per item. We do recommend that you bring in the item so we are able to assess if it is in fact engravable. We can also assist with engraving placement and font selection.

Shop our collection of engravable gifts and set up an appointment with an associate to discuss your engraving needs.

              Beautifully hand-engraved gold locket.





-written by Anne Wilson, Argo & Lehne associate and engraving consultant. Anne has created some of the most beautiful engraved pieces at Argo & Lehne and has a discerning eye for fine details.

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10 Jewelry Essentials, 10% OFF – One Day Only 10/10

October 10th we will have one of our largest sales with more than half of our inventory reduced to 10% off!

This is the perfect time to begin your holiday shopping. We selected our top list of jewelry essentials that every woman should have in her jewelry repertoire and for one day only have made them 10% off!

1.) Pearl Studs (new and vintage) –

Perhaps, one of the first jewelry gifts a girl gets is a pair of pearl stud earrings. This is often a gift that is given for first communion or graduation. However, a larger pair is also essential for every woman. A classic look that easily dresses up any outfit. Select from a range of colors and sizes by viewing our Pearl Collection and Vintage Earring Collection.



2.) Pearl Strands (new and vintage) –

Pearls are 2020’s hottest jewelry trend! They are a classic through and through and have remained in style for years. From a short choker to opera length and everything in between, the luster of a pearl just says elegance. Shop our Pearl Collection and our Vintage Necklaces.

3. Diamond Studs (new and vintage) –

An every day pair of diamond studs will illuminate every face. We have sizes and styles for all. Shop both our Earring and Vintage Earring Collection. 


4. Diamond Pendants (new and vintage) –

A subtle and sparkly diamond pendant is an easy go to and a great addition to every jewelry collection. Shop our diamond pendants located in the Necklaces & Pendants and Vintage Necklace & Pendant Collections.

5.) Yellow Gold Earrings (new and vintage) –

Fashion forward looks ready for the red carpet to minimalistic every day pieces, if you have the occasion, we have the earrings! We love the versatility of yellow gold earrings. Shop our Earring and Vintage Earring Collection to find your favorite gold earring style.


6.) Sterling Earrings –

Everyday sterling earrings are a must. We have so many styles from drops to hoops and everything in between, there is a style for every woman. Shop our Sterling Earring Collection. 


7.) Yellow Gold Bracelets (new and vintage) –

A rich yellow gold bracelet is an item we all want to have. Sometimes a sterling or white gold just doesn’t match the mood, season or outfit we are wearing. Once again, a classic for a reason. Shop our Bracelets and Vintage Bracelets to find the yellow gold bracelet or bangle for you.



8.) Sterling Cuff Bracelets –

An Argo & Lehne tradition is the sterling cuff bracelet that can be monogrammed and engraved on both the inside and outside of the bracelet. This has always been a great sweet 16 and graduation gift but it’s a classic for all ages. The cuff comes in a few sizes. Illustrated below are common monogram engravings used for the bracelet.

9.) Diamond Bracelets (new and vintage) –

A diamond bracelet is the perfect anniversary gift. We have a selection of platinum, white and yellow gold diamond bracelets in an assortment of styles from tennis bracelets to flex bracelets. Shop our collection of Bracelets and Vintage Bracelets to find the ideal diamond bracelet for you.

10.) Diamond Anniversary Bands (new and vintage) –

An anniversary ring is a ring that symbolizes a milestone in the marriage and is usually a band with many diamonds or gemstones. Anniversary rings are most commonly gifted at major anniversaries, like 5, 10 and 20 years, but can be given at any time. View are diamond anniversary bands in our Women’s Wedding Band and Vintage Wedding Band Collections.

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The Estate Jewelry Buying Event

Sell to professionals. A&L will host a 125 year old NYC firm specializing in buying fine estate jewelry. This is an excellent time to sell jewelry that no longer fits your lifestyle.
Jewelry containing diamonds & precious stones as well as signed jewelry by Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany, Mauboussin and other major houses are of particular interest, as are items with gold and platinum. Gold is near an all time high. The firm’s expertise, experience and global outlets ensure you will be offered top prices.
No Obligation. Immediate Payment.
Please call or email to schedule an appointment.



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Argo’s Hottest Jewelry – On Sale All August!



This August we will celebrate our 96th Birthday and what better way than with our beautiful jewelry! Each week one of our team members will select their favorite pieces in the store and we will offer those items for the entire week at $96 off the original price. It’s a wonderful way to get to know our team, their style, and our most sought after pieces – all while shopping and saving!


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Gold Reaches Record High – Is Now the Time to Sell?

Gold prices have surged to a record high today, Monday, July 27, 2020, as it hit $1,944 per ounce, according to CNN. The previous high was in September of 2011 at $1,921. So, we are reaching out to our customers who may want to sell items they no longer want or need.

Things to consider when selling your gold jewelry:

If it has been in a drawer for over 1 year unworn, why?


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Facebook Live Jewelry Sale


Don’t miss our online Facebook Live Jewelry Sale event, Thursday, July 23rd, at 7 PM! As it is our first ever, we are very excited. We have curated a beautiful assortment of sterling silver, vintage, diamond, gemstones and pearl jewelry at “not to miss” pricing.  You can join the event while on the go with your mobile device or even from the luxury of your sofa. Team members Janet, Rachel and Michelle will be highlighting these stunning pieces – approximately 30 items.

And, for those who join, you will also have the opportunity to win $100 and so much more in our fabulous COVID essentials gift basket. (more…)

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Bridal Trends 2020

Rachel Burazer, A&L sales associate, adores all things bridal. She attended fashion school in Chicago, has worked in both bridal gown and jewelry design.

2020 is the year for being uniquely you!  And this year’s bridal jewelry trends have been nothing short of that.  From something green to vintage rings, you will be surprised to see how the traditional looks have been transformed! Sales Associate, Rachel Burazer, features this years top trends and a few of her favorite Argo pieces.


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Bridal Services – Customer Experiences

We, as one of few full-service jewelers, endeavor to meet all your jewelry needs, from simple in-stock purchases to sizing & appraising to building a ring from scratch, design to delivery. What makes us unique is the attention, care and detail we give to each client, no matter how major or how simple the project. Whether a new bride-to-be or a married couple interested in updating their rings, we know that each person is one of a kind and we are here to help each one express her own uniqueness, with kindness and respect. The best part is how much fun we have doing it! Here are three of our bridal-related services:

Custom Design

If it’s important to you that your jewelry expresses your unique style and creativity and that it is exactly what you envision, custom design may be for you!

Rachel recently had the pleasure of working with Jen and Nick on their engagement ring. This couple is lively and spontaneous. They wanted a one-of-a-kind ring and the fun of participating in its creation. The collaboration produced this beautiful piece, combining strong lines with a delicate lacy quality, with a beautiful oval center diamond surrounded by smaller full cut diamonds.

bridal jewelry


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Graduating in 2020 – an Interview With an Arlington Senior

Argo & Lehne engraver and shop assistant, Madeline Melragon.

Of course we all are aware that schools are closed for the remainder of the year but what we might not know is the emotional impact this has caused on many graduating seniors. We decided to interview our very own employee and senior at Upper Arlington High School, Madeline Melragon.











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Our Updated COVID-19 Policies

Photograph was taken just before we re-opened back in May. Vinnie, Robert, Veronica and Michelle demonstrating 6 ft social distancing.


Argo & Lehne is open! Our hours are Monday – Saturday, 10 AM – 5 PM.

**This page will update continually as government laws mandate and A&L deems necessary.**

Your safety and that of our staff is our highest priority. In keeping with reopening requirements & recommendations, we have instituted the following measures for staff and customers: (more…)

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