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Inside Argo’s: Anna

Anna at Argo & Lehne Jewelers In Columbus, OH

Anna fits in so well with our business culture of being customer-oriented, helpful and upbeat. She has fun with everything she does, while always striving for excellence. Introducing Anna in her words!

Who is Anna? How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

An energetic people person who loves to bring joy and laughter to others.

Your position:

Part-time sales associate since June 2020

Why Argo’s?

I love small, family owned businesses, and being part of one is even better. We place great importance on supporting the individual, and helping everyone find their perfect piece. I love my little Argo’s family!


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Art at Argo’s – “Play Persistently”, Jeanie Coy Auseon, 2-D Artist

Play & Wonder, 2. 30″ x 30″, Paint, Charcoal on Mylar, $995.

Art at Argo’s enthusiastically welcomes Jeanie Coy Auseon this quarter with her exhibit, Play Persistently, on display at our Upper Arlington showroom April 5 – June 5, 2021. Jeanie is an Upper Arlington resident who has been creating her entire life. However, since retirement, she has dedicated much of her time to 2D art.

Jeanie is a “process artist”, absorbed in the technique and procedures of her art. She has journeyed through surface design in multiple forms such as batik on silk, silk screening, printmaking, oil paint and cold wax, and has stretched the boundaries of each by exploring different techniques. The problem solver in her is drawn to these art forms.

In the exhibit, “Play Persistently,” she treats our visitors to a breathtaking assortment of media. The inspiration for her artwork is nature, but also the shadows or voids in the realistic view. She is intrigued by the way daylight plays off objects. She tends to avoid any recognizable subject matter as she wants viewers to interpret her works in their own way. Her abstract style draws you in, as the color, composition, mood and feeling may vary. Jeanie naturally prefers warmer colors and some have observed an Asian influence in her work, perhaps from the times she visited China and Japan. “Play & Wonder,” an example of the artist pushing her comfort zone, using blues. We invite you to explore her work, both online and in-store through June 5th, and come to your own conclusions. (more…)

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Spring Cleaning Your Jewelry Box

Spring Cleaning Your Jewelry BoxSpring is when new light begins to shine in our house windows and we feel this incredible urge to clean everything in sight. We really start to see all the dust that has settled over the winter months, especially here in the Midwest.

It’s time to get organized! Don’t forget that jewelry drawer full of earrings with lost backs or mates, the unwanted and unused jewelry and our every day pieces that need a scrubbing.  For me, there is nothing more satisfying than having my home and goods completely organized. Talk about an instant mood changer. And with the popularity of professional organizers like Marie Kondo, I know many others feel the same way. However, with jewelry, “does it spark joy” is just the first question. There are other things to think about. So, I bring you my sure-fire method for spring cleaning your jewelry box and getting your jewels in tip top shape.


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Inside Argo’s: Madeline

Madeline started working here while still in high school as part-time jewelry engraver & shop assistant. She easily learned the ropes and fit in with our team right away. We love her sense of humor, quick smile and kind & considerate manner. We count ourselves lucky to have her with us. Here’s all about Madeline in her words:

Who is Madeline? 

A college student with great hair, a creative spirit, and a positive attitude.

Your position:

Jewelry engraver, watch battery changer, and general odd job accomplisher.


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The Birthstone Guide: Gems and Significance

Each month has a corresponding gemstone or multiple gemstones that signifies something special about those who wear it. Even if you don’t believe in any spiritual benefits from a stone, you can still enjoy reading about yours or picking out the birthstone of a loved one. If you’re running short on gift ideas or just want to do something special for your significant other, look through this guide for their birthstone and see which gems to choose.


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Engagement Ring Styles 101

Photo by Irene Furlan from Pexels.

Engagement rings have long held an esteemed place in society, giving lovers a romantic way to display their love and commitment to each other for a lifetime.  When your darling’s magical moment comes, be sure to know just how to dazzle her and make her sparkle. We will go over all the need to know basics to get you started on your path to finding the perfect ring.


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Diamond Ring In Chlorine Pool: Is It Safe For Your Ring?

If you are newly engaged or married, you probably want to wear your diamond ring all the time. While it is okay to wear your precious jewelry every day and everywhere, the pool is a potential danger zone for your diamond ring.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Wear Your Ring Into a Chlorine Pool

There are many reasons why you should exercise extra caution when going for a dip in a chlorine pool while wearing your ring, but these five are the most commonly cited by accredited jewelers from the Gemological Institute of America.

Metal Corrosion

While pure gold is a precious metal that cannot be harmed by chemicals, alloy metals are highly susceptible to damage when exposed to chlorine and other chemicals. Low carat metals such as 10-carat, 14-carat, and 18-carat gold contain other metals such as nickel, zinc, copper, and silver.

These alloy metals get corroded when exposed to harsh chemicals such as chlorine. You should thus avoid wearing your engagement band into the pool or hot tub if it contains any of these alloy metals. However, if your ring is made out of pure gold, platinum, or palladium then you need not worry about chlorine.

Dull Diamonds

The Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness ranks diamonds as the hardest stone, making them highly resistant to scratches and damage in comparison to other stones. Nonetheless, the harsh chemicals in chlorine pools can have a negative interaction with any treatments that have been done on your diamond. This can dull the luster in your diamond and make it lose its shine.

Loose Prongs

Prongs are the settings that hold your diamond in place. Visits to chlorinated pools and hot tubs can damage these metallic settings and loosen them up. It is easy for your diamond or any center stone to drop off from a ring that has loose prongs.

Discolored Precious Stones

It is not just diamonds that get affected by chlorine and other pool chemicals. Precious stones surrounding your centerpiece can get discolored as a result of exposure to chlorine. This can make your ring lose its value and beauty. Furthermore, turquoise, pearls, and other natural stones are known to dry out after prolonged contact with water and chemicals. Lotions and sunscreen creams that are often worn to the pool are also known to discolor metals and stones.

Slips and Drainage Accidents

So many brides and newly married women have lost their rings in the pool. This is because the contact with water makes it easy for your ring to slip off your finger, especially if it is an imperfect fit.

Protect Your Ring When Going for A Swim

The best way to protect your ring from damage and potential loss in the pool is to remove it and store it safely. You should buy a ring holder or a small jewelry case to store your rings on the go. If you have been swimming with your diamond ring on, you can always have it professionally cleaned to restore its luster. Visit Argo & Lehne Jewelers to buy the classiest diamond rings or get your rings professionally cleaned and their prongs secured.

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Vintage Jewelry from Georgian to Art Deco

As a purveyor of estate jewelry, we find that our most sought after pieces pre-date 1940 and go all the way back to the Georgian era, spanning 5 eras. It may be hard to distinguish one from the other if you haven’t been trained to do so but they each have distinct characteristics. Here we delve into each era and explain the design behind the time period. If you would like to view more examples of vintage pieces, visit our website and view our vintage collection.


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How to Select the Perfect Valentine Gift for Everyone

February has always been a favorite for me. I’m sure that’s why I’m in the jewelry business; I’m one of those people who loves LOVE! So, it comes as no shock that I love Valentine’s Day. For the whole month I try to arrange extra thoughtful somethings for myself and others. You can usually find me dressed in my favorite pinks, reds, hearts and anything symbolic of the season. I even have a ritual to make homemade pasta this time of year because it is a true labor of love and made with heart. However, I know that not everyone feels this way and some definitely need advice when selecting the perfect Valentine gift. I get it. There can be a bit of pressure around the holiday too. Well, I’m here to help. Whether it’s a new or well-seasoned relationship, or a gift to a friend or family, I have advice to get you started in the right direction.

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Love Endures – A Pandemic Proposal Story

One thing we have learned through the pandemic is it can’t stop love! We have seen an increase in bridal sales this year and last. Has this virus actually pulled couples closer? Perhaps, it has taught us what or who is most important in our lives. Whatever it is we are grateful and we love sharing our customers stories of what a pandemic proposal and wedding looks like. We will be bringing you a few customers stories in our pandemic wedding and proposal series. Each story is unique and guaranteed to delight. I have to say, I think all the couples have navigated through this crazy time gracefully.  See for yourselves with their heartfelt stories.  Maybe even collect a few ideas for your own proposal. Let us introduce our first couple…


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