12 Cozy Days of Christmas – How to Create a Homey Holiday

Tis’ the Season to join our newsletter! Just as years past, this December, we will have 12 days in which are email subscribers will receive exclusive promotions. This year we are keeping things cozy! It’s a year like no other and most of us are staying home and safe with our families. If you are looking for ways to cozy up your holiday I’ve included a list of activities for the whole family to enjoy and if you are looking for a holiday special from Argo & Lehne Jewelers, sign up here for our newsletter. 


Day 1: Tuesday, December 1

Argo team member, Michelle, creating her gift list.

Who’s on your list? Create a cozy fire, make a list of all the people you want to give gifts to and try to think about gifts that would be perfect for each person. We have found this year personalized gifts are more important than ever to show your loved ones just how much you care. Consider gifts with meaning such as a ruby gemstone which is perfect for someone’s “ruby” anniversary (40th), red ruby to show love and passion or for the person born in the month of the ruby (July). You may also consider gifting, repurposing or creating and heirloom piece of jewelry. I always cherish something that was once a family members. We also can engrave many gifts; either purchased from our store or elsewhere. it may be just the extra touch your gift needs. View our engravable gifts for inspiration.



Day 2: Wednesday, December 2

Create a cozy spot for crafts in the home! Perhaps, a desk in the corner with warm lighting, a chair with warm snuggly throw pillows and a blanket. For children, you can string lights over the work space for that extra magical feel. For some fun children activities visit our craft page. We love the Christmas Printable Rings which can even be used as napkin rings too!! Click here to make your very own – RingsPDF.



Day 3: Thursday, December 3

Share family recipes by compiling a recipe book or personalized recipe box and cards. We all have that favorite dish that are family makes, why not pull them all together and create a small but thoughtful gift. Veronica from our team enjoyed creating these gorgeous recipe cards with holly gemstones for the season. To create your own recipe’s on our beautiful card click here – Recipe card.




Day 4: Friday, December 4

Get Baking! There is nothing more cozy than the smell of something baking in the oven. Our very own Veronica made her delicious diamond cookies and shares her recipe. Click here for the royal icing and diamondcookies recipe.


Day 5: Saturday, December 5

Create a wreath with berries. Local floral designer, Eleanor Harris of Parafleur walks us through wreath making with her photographic journal of these gorgeous wreaths made for our showroom.  The request was for a traditional warm feeling with a little bit of opulence, Well, we are a jewelry store after all! The evergreen base was the perfect start. Adding the contrasting white made a perfect background for the natural pinecones and berries, as well as the gold fans and elegant silk ribbon. We are in love with these beauties!! Eleanor is such a pleasure to work with and makes such one of a kind and extraordinary  arrangements. She is a true floral artist.



Day 6: Sunday, December 6

Collecting old photos and place them in a bowl. It can be of Christmas past or just of family and friends. Leave them out for the season as a great conversations starter that takes everyone down memory lane. Displayed is our 8″ glass pedestal bowl with Argo & Lehne photos from the past.  We love this top photo of Bill Argo with rough diamonds chosen from South Africa in 1971. It brings back so many good memories!




Day 7: Monday, December 7

Wrap gifts together! It’s a wonderful way to bring the family closer while creating beautiful gifts for under the tree.  You can get as creative as you like. Some like to choose a theme for the year and keep all gifts wrapped in that color, but here at Argo, we keep it consistent from year to year. We have been using our same signature wrap for decades because we love it and so do our customers. It’s a tradition!

Look mom, no tape! Here is the step by step to our signature wrap without tape.



Day 8: Tuesday, December 8

Stories. Make a journal or put family stories/memories that have been told for years down on notecards. If only we had done this throughout the years when a customer told us a memory of Argo & Lehne. One of my favorites was when a woman came in and told us how she and her sister used to sneak downstairs in the night to unwrap their Argo & Lehne gifts to see what jewelry they would receive. They knew in the morning they wouldn’t get caught because our wrapping didn’t have tape. Clever!

Day 9: Wednesday, December 9

Cheers to the Holidays! Create a signature cocktail for the holiday season and have those ingredients on hand. Set out and arrange on a decorative tray on special evenings.  Rachel is loving this White Christmas Gimlet and has included the recipe here. Here she is enjoying the cocktail. If you would like to toast using our signature cocktail view our printable recipe card here – whitexmasgimlet

Day 10: Thursday, December 10

Create an Ornament.  Anna created a beautiful origami diamond with our signature gold wrapping paper. If you would like to create your own for the tree or mantel just download our printable gemstone kirigami template pdf


Day 11: Friday, December 11

Hang a natural or artificial evergreen garland. Perfect for a mantle, doorway, star railings and even as a table-scape. If using artificial think about foraging berries and pinecones from outside to add to your swag. It will give a more authentic look and the smell for the holidays. When creating a garland for the mantle, add candles to create a warm atmosphere. We added some bright, cheery and, of course, handblown ornaments.




Day 12: Saturday, December 12

Singing Christmas Carols. Join us on the Twelfth of December on Facebook as we share our video of the Argo’s Christmas caroling!