Date: September 2012

Jewelry Redesigns: Re-Imagining your old jewelry

Most of us have at least one piece of jewelry sitting in a jewelry box or drawer. Grandmother’s cocktail ring, mom’s wedding ring, Auntie’s bracelet–all just gathering dust because of fickle fashion.

The gorgeous, on-trend necklace below has a hodge-podge of origins. Let’s see, there’s the center stone came from the solitaire necklace of a clients grandmother, the two on either side of that were from the pair of diamond stud earrings given to her by that same grandmother (and grandfather!) and the two outside diamonds were bought from Argo and Lehne stock to complete the piece.

To read more about Re-Imagining Heirloom Jewelry, please check out our very own Julie Smetzer’s guest post on the Tartan & Sequins blog.

Not to toot our own horn, but we are known around the country for our custom jewelry. There isn’t a more creative or more experienced custom jeweler in Columbus, Ohio. Take a peek at a few of our latest custom pieces.

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Go Bucks! Beautiful Buckeye Jewelry.

It’s our favorite team, if you please! With the changing of the leaves and the cooling of the evenings comes Buckeye Fever. We’ve waited all summer for football season kick-off and this year more than most. It’s not just the excitement around the All-American candidates John Simon and Jonathan Hankins promising more sacks and more pressure, it’s the buckeye fashion.

This season we’re making it easy for Buckeye fans to support their team in style. Pretty pendants, charms, and scarlet and gray baubles are on our roster this season.

Check out a few of our star players.

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