Date: August 2016

Inside Argo’s: Michelle

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Who is Michelle?

a modern day Renaissance woman! A lover of fine detail and hand craftsmanship.

Michelle’s Position:

President.  Michelle began with Argo & Lehne Jewelers in October 2014. She streamlines and updates operations, continues to improve brand visibility through social media, web presence and community outreach. She has re-energized our team to best serve the current generation of buyers. (more…)

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Local, Arts, Jewelry: The Argo & Lehne Mission

Local, Arts and Jewelry Just Make Sense To Us

It’s who we have been for years and it’s the glue that attracts both our team and our customers to Argo & Lehne Jewelers.

Our mission is to connect our customers with products that are as unique and one of a kind as they are.


It’s easy to go to the chain jewelry store and find that exact look alike piece that you saw your friend wearing, but we want you to find that piece of jewelry that defines your style. We do this by hand selecting our manufacturers. We often choose smaller brands which have convictions similar to ours and when possible, we like to give our business to local brands.

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Paz Collective: Our Newest Sterling Silver Collection

Paz Collective at Argo & Lehne Columbus OH

The Latest Addition to Our Silver Collection Has Arrived!

Paz Collective Logo

PAZ COLLECTIVE is a sterling silver line with fresh designs blended from the ancient cultures of Mexico and India with fashion forward roots from their home city of New York. Think bold, contemporary and fashionably artistic.

We’ve been searching for another sterling line to complement our current sterling collections from Zina Sterling and Ed Levin and PAZ has the perfect geometric and edgy vibe.

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