Date: May 2017

Inside Argo’s: Glenda Argo

Who is Glenda Argo?

A country girl at heart, I love family, children, animals and all things living and growing (except centipedes).

Glenda’s Position:

Media Coordinator – main duties are marketing, particularly social media & email marketing. I also help Bob with appraisals and anything else that needs doing.


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The 2017 Spring Style Report

In the transformation from drab winter to the explosion of colors and shapes that is spring, we present our spring style report! Just as we never get bored with spring, we never tire of the fun of discovering new, fresh, trending fashion. Here’s what we found:


Spotted on the Spring 2017 Runway is a flashback of the punkGothic fashion that first came into vogue in the early 1980’s.  Crucifixes worn as a stand alone piece and layered in different sizes, styles and metals adorned the runway. Channeling Madonna!

Crucifix Fashion: 2017 Argo & Lehne Style Report


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The Personalized Touch of Engraved Gifts


Engravable Gifts at Argo & Lehne Jewelers

When looking for a gift that shows thoughtfulness and personalization, consider engraving. It’s that extra touch that makes the recipient feel appreciated. Create a keepsake or an heirloom.

How to Decide…Machine Engraving or Hand Engraving?

So, you found the perfect gift and now you’re ready to make it even more special by personalizing it with engraving.  Of course there are decisions such as font style and the perfect message; however, how do you choose machine vs hand engraving?

For starters, hand engraving is absolutely gorgeous! If you have selected a piece that is meant to be an heirloom I can’t recommend enough: hand engraving. When side by side with a machine engraved piece you can really see the difference. Hand engraving is an art. The etching is far deeper than machine engraving and therefore will last much longer. Machine engraving outlines the letter, while hand engraving carves into the entire letter (almost scooping the metal out). This can create a very reflective and eye catching surface. With hand engraving, you are also able to make justifications and flexibility to the font and its spacing. This is much more difficult to do with machine.

Hand versus Machine Engraving

Pictured: hand engraved yellow gold disc charm, left. Machine engraved sterling porringer, right.


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