Date: October 2022

November Fireside Chats – Explore Top Holiday Gifts with a Featured Guest Weekly

This year we discuss one of our most popular holiday gifts, diamond studs. We will delve into the different styles, sizes and price points while we compare lab grown and natural diamonds. The buzz around the holidays is that shopping early has it’s benefits, well, we couldn’t agree more. We have had such a successful year and we anticipate the holiday to reflect the same. We have prepared by stocking our inventory early and can’t wait to share many of our staff and client favorites. The following weeks we will look at our most sought after gifts for everyone on your list and at every price point. Every Friday at 9am join us on Facebook as we sit down and advise on our top gifts for all your loved ones during our Fireside Chats. So, kick back, get cozy and enjoy our chats live or at your convenience on our Facebook page.





Week One – Diamond studs – lab vs natural
with Rachel, A&L Sales Associate

November 4th

Nothing is more popular at the holiday than a beautiful and brilliant pair of diamond studs. Requested by popular demand, we sell both lab and naturally grown diamonds. Rachel will compare the two and explain the different sizes, styles, options and price points. You can’t find another who is as passionate about diamonds as Rachel.  Often working with bridal customers and custom design, Rachel has really embraced lab grown diamonds and is a wealth of information. She will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to select the most perfect pair of studs.



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Make Your Wishlist – Receive 20% Off!

The Wishlist is a great tool! With it you can have fun while narrowing down the thousands of unique choices at Argo & Lehne to just the most perfect ones for you. We will keep it here and you can share it with anyone. They will know just what to get you for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. If your list contains enough items, it can still be a surprise.

Here’s the best part! On Black Friday, November 25, items on Argo & Lehne wishlists will be up to 20% off*, as long as you placed them on the list before Black Friday and they are still in stock.

 Reach out to your sales associate and schedule an appointment or build your list online. Get together with your friends and family and make a party of it!


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The 2022 Fall/Winter Style Report

fall / winter jewelry


There’s a chill in the air and we’re thinking of warm snuggly sweaters, bonfires and fall holidays. Let us show you some of the latest jewelry fashion trends and pieces to compliment your fall outfits for all occasions.



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Sapphires of The British Royal Family

A favorite gemstone of the British Royal Family is the blue sapphire. It has been used to represent love & holds much sentiment to many in the family.

A Brief History of Sapphires & Royalty

The association of Royal families and sapphires dates back to the Middle Ages, where the clergy wore blue sapphires to symbolize Heaven and the common person believed that the gemstone attracted divine acts.

In Ancient Greece & Rome, sapphires were believed to have protected you from harm, envy and bad spirits, so were often worn by leaders.

Sapphires have adorned many royal crowns, gowns, jewelry and robes for as long as we can remember.

Symbolism of Sapphires

The blue sapphire has been thought to bring wisdom to its wearer. It is also believed to be the gemstone of nobility, truth, sincerity, romance and faithfulness.


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