Date: January 2023

Valentine’s Giveaway

Purchases $100 or more receive a complimentary gift from Jan 23 – Feb. 14

Buy a gift, Get a gift!



Receive this adorable Pierced Heart Charm (a value of $40) when you spend $100 or over from January 23 – February 14.

Gift it just the way it is! each charm comes with a jump ring so you can hang it your favorite way.

Or customize it…

by adding a chain – select the perfect chain to add to your charm so your dear one can wear it close to their heart as a pendant.

by adding a charm bracelet – perhaps an addition to their current charm bracelet or purchase a charm bracelet to add your pierced heart charm.

by adding a split ring – you can create an adorable, one of a kind key chain.

engraving – to personalize your charm we can machine engrave your charm. Both the front and back are engravable.


Featured: pendant, keychain and earrings.


Click here to learn more about the Pierced Heart Bar Charm.

*excludes repairs.




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Art at Argo’s: Jeffrey Knick

We are eager to introduce Jeffrey Knick to our Argo community. Jeffrey, a landscape & architectural painter, found us through word of mouth and we are so pleased. Immediately taken by his work, we collaborated ideas and Jeffrey landed on a remarkable exhibit encompassing scenes and iconic landmarks from the Columbus area. We love seeing these everyday locales brought to life in his highly detailed pen and watercolor paintings in his Art at Argo’s exhibit, “Steeped: An Artist’s Love for Columbus”.




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Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2023

Engagement ring trends have changed dramatically, along with fashion throughout the years. However, engagement ring trends can be a slower transition. In the past, engagement ring styles have differed from place to place, but with everyone including celebrities sharing their proposals on social media, styles have become more global. So, as we say goodbye to 2022, we welcome the exciting trends of 2023 – truly different from the last several years of thinner bands emphasizing center gems. Whether you love a bold or classic look there is something for everyone this year.

The Cigar Band

We saw this trend begin last year and continue to see it manifest in various forms. Why is it called a cigar band? It echos the gold wrapping on an expensive cigar.

A yellow goldĀ  A&L cigar band coupled with a custom A&L aquamarine diamond engagement ring in yellow gold. The wide cigar band anchors and balances the thinner engagement ring and larger stone – a beautiful compliment.


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