Anne Porembski

Joey and I have been dating for 2 ½ years and an engagement was soon approaching. I mentioned to him that I knew it was coming and that he wouldn’t surprise me WHEN he proposed, but I wanted him to surprise me HOW he proposed. Well, the man sure did both. My cousin Maggie is a talented painter and high school art teacher. She is not only my family, she is my neighbor. We frequently will go over there for dinner or a glass of wine. Their home is always filled with amazing art and something new each time I go over there. Earlier in the week my mother asked if me and Joey (my now fiancé) wanted to go over to Maggie’s to order pizza and have a glass of wine. My father, Maggie’s husband Casey and their daughters Maureen, 19, and Katie, 16, would be there. When I asked Joey his response was “Do you want me to go?” (translation “Do I have to go?”) So from the beginning I had no suspicions about anything, because I was getting the feeling he didn’t want to go. Friday rolled around and I came home from work, touched up my face and decided not to change. We got to Maggie’s and were welcomed by the entire Flanagan clan! After taking pizza orders Maggie mentioned that she is in an art show. She recently painted a landscape of Ireland. The painting was in the living room, covered, and Katie, who always has some fun activity when we go over there, thought it would be fun to “reveal” it to all of us. We walk into the family room and Maggie pulls down the paper. I look up and I see a detailed painting of Joey proposing to me in EXACTLY what we both were wearing in that moment. I gasp “What is this?” and Maggie tells me “It’s not Ireland!” Before I knew it Joey was down on one knee asking “Will You Marry Me?!” I was filled with so many emotions, I finally answered YES! I proceeded to cry, give him my right hand before correcting myself and ask about 100 times “Are You Serious?” He then had planned a surprise engagement party with all of our family and friends. It was perfect! Joey had gone over to Maggie’s earlier to plan the entire thing! My mother even played my stand in for photos of inspiration earlier in the week. Friday morning he took a photo of me before I went into work and quickly sent it over to Maggie. She filled in my outfit before the end of the day so it would be PERFECT. More photos of reactions and the painting are here: