Argo Approved: Fred Astaire Dance Studio Northwest Columbus

Fred Astaire Columbus Northwest

It was nearly two years ago that I met Daniel Tackett, owner of Fred Astaire Dance Studio Northwest (just off Bethel Rd). We’d met briefly at a networking event and when he told me he was affiliated with the dance studio, I remember thinking, “how can we create a partnership with Argo & Lehne?” I’m a lover of dance: the grace, fluidity and confidence that exudes dancers is simply captivating to me.

Fast forward to a few short weeks ago when I received an email from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio that they had interest in participating in our Bridal Event.  As you know our “Argo Approved” vendors have previously been vetted by A&L. Here it was, the opportunity I was waiting for, someone on the Argo team needed to be the guinea pig and I eagerly nominated myself and oh yes, my boyfriend, Andy. We would go to the studio and learn how to dance just as our customers would learn.

Background on our Dance Experience

Though it’s a rarity that I get the opportunity to step on the dance floor these days, I do love dance and used to enjoy salsa dancing when I lived in Los Angeles (nearly eh hem…20 years ago). I tried to continue dance but had moved to a location that it wasn’t easy to find and then I suppose it just slipped away from me. As far as Andy’s dance background, I assume his moves came from highschool dances or obligatory wedding dances. Generally speaking without some sort of training I just don’t know if in today’s age you just learn to ballroom dance. Dance isn’t something that we’ve had much experience doing together and not something we generally seek out. Probably the closest we’ve come to a dance floor is a slow dance or two in front of the stove while listening to music and cooking.

And so we begin…a crash course Intro to Ballroom

This Introductory Package included 2 private lessons (25 minutes each), 1 group lesson and a party to practice our skills.

Lesson 1- We arrived at the studio after work ready to dance! Our instructor was Carolyn. She was friendly, sweet and really helped us feel comfortable immediately. She would teach us a step, practice and engage in conversation with us. She got us moving our feet in sync while we allowed our brains to not focus so much on the steps and counting…it worked! We were blown away how much we learned in 25 minutes. The basic box step used for rumba with under arm turns, basic foxtrot and prominade and the hustle with under arm turns. When we got home Andy was genuinely excited about dance and told me he was really looking forward to the next lesson. I was kicking myself for never doing this before!

Lesson 2- Feeling confidant with our new moves we returned for our second lesson. This time we had another instructor, Zach. He was also a fabulous instructor and it was really nice to have variation in instructors styles. It just gave us a better aspect of the studio as an entirety. He asked us what are favorite dances were and we worked on enhancing those dances as well as learning a new dance, tango. Although, I would have loved to learn even more about this seductive dance, time was limited.

Next Up…same evening we attended a group lesson. The group lesson was “jive”. The other students in the class arrived strappy dance shoe-ready and I wasn’t sure if we would be able to keep up, but again, everyone was very accepting.  I suppose we all have been in the beginning at some point. This was definitely not our favorite of the dances as it was very aerobic and fast moving but we were glad to get a taste as well as a bit of a workout. Perhaps, when our dance cards are a bit more full we will come back to this dance and really enjoy it.

To cap off the evening and introductory offer…A Popcorn Party and “free” dance.  Ok, this is a must! This is when the stars come out! We saw different levels of dance and many of the instructors including the owner danced with everyone. The songs are short with eclectic style dance. This gave us such a great opportunity to practice what we had learned and also see how advanced and refined the movements can become.

Argo Approved!

All in all, we were so glad to have the chance to dance at this studio. I honestly felt like dance is an activity that really pulled Andy and I together. We learned to move more in sync with each other and it was a blast to be able to learn something new together.  The professional and certified dance instructors made us feel very welcomed and comfortable despite our lower skill level. They encouraged us on the dance floor even when we clearly were a bit intimidated and wallflowery. It was just what we needed. We’ve begun to tell our friends how fun it is an I can officially give an Argo seal of approval!

I recommend whole heartedly Fred Astaire Dance Studio NW not only for couples out to have a great time but also if you have a special occassion this could be such a blast. Father/Daughter dances, Mother of the Bride Dance, Father of the Bride Dance, Wedding First Dance, a work gala, this list goes on…believe me just a little confidence in dance can go such a long way.

How to Win a Free Intro Lesson

It can’t be anymore simple, join us this week at Argo & Lehne’s Bridal Event: an Interactive Experience and fill out a Fred Astaire entry card for a raffle of $100 gift certificate toward a dance package (packages can be customized to meet each couple’s needs).  All who attend our event may write down their info to enter and all entrants receive an introductory dance lesson.

If your purchase amount is $5000 + during the Bridal Event week, you will also be entered into another raffle for a four-lesson package.

To learn more about Fred Astaire dance studio please visit their website.