Argo Approved: Sugar Artist & Pastry Chef, Scarlett Kilzer

Lovely Couture Cakes

This edition of “Argo Approved” we delve into the world of luxe! Who would have thought a wedding cake could be considered couture? Well, I’m the first to tell you the moment I saw the work of Scarlett Kilzer from Miam Cake it was obvious that this was not like any other cake I’d ever seen. From the sugar flowers that mind you look absolutely real to the handmade locust painted with edible gold, this was the work of an artist. Can you say, gobsmacked?!


Who is Scarlett Kilzer?

Scarlett is the pastry chef, sugar artist and owner of Miam (French for “yum”) Cake. She specializes in luxury wedding cakes & chocolate bon bons; however, in the short year I have become familiar with her work I am seeing her increase her confection offerings and also noticing how talented & expansive her artwork stretches. Just follow her Instagram and you will see!

It’s all in the Details…

Miam Cake’s style is sophisticated and modern with flavor fusions that are bold and fragrant. It only makes sense that Scarlett has a rich past as an opera singer. She brings her knowledge of classical music history, costume & set-design, fine art-watercolor, pen & ink and sculpting into her designs.


Not only are her designs so realistic and natural, but she also takes pride in using the finest quality ingredients: organic flour, butter, eggs, cream, fruit and all cake fillings are made in-house. Her work is so detailed that it can take weeks for completion and she must limit the amount of clients she takes on in a year. Reserving well in advance is a must as she tends to book up one year in advance.

On a Personal Note…

We understand the connection between customer and artist is very important when deciding on vendors. Argo & Lehne has personally worked with Scarlett on two projects and can vouch, she is delightful. She takes her time to understand the project, who we are as a brand and has always executed the design/concept better than I could have ever imagined. She worked with us back in November for a promotion we did with BalletMet called “Cupcakes for a Cause”. Week one we were blown away with her decadent chocolate cupcakes embellished with strawberry cream, and a surprisingly sweet handmade macaron atop. When we received the second shipment of cupcakes we didn’t think it could get any better…until we saw the equally elegant coconut cupcakes eloquently decorated with whimsical organic coconut flakes.


If you don’t have a special occasion that requires a cake at the moment consider some of Miam Cake confections like Chocolate Bon Bon’s, Hand Piped Sugar Cookies, French Macarons, Queen Bee Nougat, Artisan Marshmallows and Party Cakes. Absolutely perfect for a luxe dessert table or your next dinner party! I have to concur…”Miam”!

If you are craving more, visit Miam Cake’s website.