Argo Approved – Upper Arlington’s Skin & Sugar spa

At Argo & Lehne we are finishing this month and starting next with an emphasis on self care, starting here – in the store! I suppose it is a practice what you preach scenario. 😉

With the past two years being a complete whirlwind, the pandemic has taught us to do business in many ways that we were previously unaccustomed. We have weathered the storms of short staffing, felt the pressure of hiring difficulties, have worked endless hours and through it all we have had a steadfast team that makes things happen – our graceful swans with hardworking feet underwater propelling our business forward.

But who is taking care of these agile birds? It is well past time that we have a get together with our deserving team and let them know how much we care about each of them and all they do for us. After all, they are the core of our business. The faces that shine through it all and welcome our lovely customers into the store.

The importance of raising awareness of stress, anxiety, depression and caring for each other has become so important to us.  This March we will raise money for a critical cause in our annual Shine for a Cause fundraiser, ADAA (Anxiety & Depression Association of America). We have also partnered with Upper Arlington spa, Skin & Sugar, to provide an amazing and luxurious Instagram Giveaway which emphasizes the importance of self-care. The giveaway package includes an at home spa package, a gift card to Skin & Sugar and an absolutely gorgeous diamond and blue zircon ring, a stone known to clear your mind and bring positivity.

But before we partnered we knew we had to familiarize ourselves with the product!

This week, we surprised our team with an after hours pizza party, drinks and spa in our showroom. I believe it was just what was needed. We purchased Skin & Sugar’s “At Home Mini Facial Kit” for all, which included ageless total facial cleanser, a resurfacing mask, the Max stem cell creme and Vital C hydrating antioxidant serum.  The perfect pampering gift AND a fabulous team builder. I mean, once you’ve seen a co-worker in a blue mask you kind of have a certain bond. We can officially say, Skin & Sugar has Argo’s stamp of approval! Glowing skin and smiling faces – a total cure all!


To learn more about our amazing giveaway visit our Instagram and blog.

And to learn about next month’s big event, Shine for a Cause, and how to make your purchase count click here.

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