Push Present?

By now most women are very familiar with push presents; however, gentlemen, you may need to take a few notes from Bill, an Argo & Lehne shopper and doting husband. The push present isn’t a new concept but has only recently become popular in the US. The gift is often a small jewelry bauble given to new mothers from the husband or partner to express gratitude for carrying and birthing their baby. The woman wears it as a reminder of that joyous day.

At Argo & Lehne we build relationships with our customers and follow them through all of life’s accomplishments. It only makes sense to celebrate something as beautiful as a new birth. Many customers came to mind when thinking of the Push Present but one in particular really resonated with me, customers Bill & Nicole. I had just started with A&L and Bill’s was the first Push Present I’d sold.

I first met Bill in the store as he selected his wedding band.  His enthusiasm for the wedding was contagious and we were all so excited for their big day. Yet, what I remember as so remarkable was how he really wanted to include Nicole’s son, Brayden, in the wedding. He had bought an adorable A&L pewter box and engraved it in a medieval font monogram on the lid. It was just as important to nail this gift as it was for Bill to find his bride-to-be her perfect ring.

As their Big Day neared, Nicole, came to the store and selected a few pieces of jewelry from our Something Borrowed Program. She was absolutely smitten with the piece she chose. It ticked the boxes: Something Borrowed (from A&L), something blue (sapphires), something old (vintage). She just needed the something new!

Vintage Diamond Bracelet | Columbus OH

Not long after, Bill returned to the store grinning from ear to ear. A baby was to be born and he wasn’t sure what he would select as the gift. He thought he might want something blue for their baby boy’s arrival. As we looked through the cases he stopped and asked to see the platinum bracelet his wife wore the day she walked down the aisle. He looked at it and knew straight away…, “This is it. Wrap it up”.

Push Present | Columbus Ohio

When their second baby was to be born, Bill returned and once again found the perfect push present: a sweet rose gold, one of a kind, Claddagh ring, with two hands holding a small heart. He was so pleased to find something pink, for his baby girl, and Irish, symbolizing his heritage.

Push Present | Vintage Claddagh Ring

Were you expecting a push present? I mentioned to Bill that push presents are given by some husbands to their wives, but I really wasn’t expecting a gift.

Why do you recommend jewelry as a push present? I felt that gifting jewelry would be a permanent reminder of the gift of our beautiful child. Every time I touch my bracelet I’m reminded of the time I held him and fell in love with my baby boy.

When is the appropriate time to give the gift (before birth, after or during)? I liked receiving the gift within a few days of birthing the baby. Bill presented me with the bracelet the day we left the hospital to come.

Any advice for new mothers about push presents? Be grateful for any gift you’ve been given. Stay open minded, perhaps the gift you receive isn’t what you had expected. However, this is a gift your partner/husband picked out. He envisioned you wearing it when he bought it. Return the love by wearing it proudly.

Had you heard of a push present?  Honestly not sure. But I know Nicole brought it up to me during the pregnancy. I’ll call it a “suggested idea.”

Are your other friends giving push gifts?  Not that I know of. But I have made sure to suggest it since it went over so well for me! 🙂

Did you feel pressured to give a Push Present?  Not significantly and not with threats of reprisal or anything. LOL! But when she mentioned it, I pretty much knew it was something I wanted to do.

Why did you decide jewelry?  Jewelry is forever, and every woman likes something pretty that she can wear, I think. You can’t carry a framed photo or crocheted blanket or something on date night.

Why did you select the gifts you did? What was the significance?  It really stemmed from on the Something Borrowed program. Since we bought her sapphire engagement ring there, we borrowed a really beautiful vintage bracelet. When the push present came up, I knew I wanted that piece because she loved it so much for the wedding. I was just shocked it was still available.

Any advice for as to when to give the gift?  I did it at the hospital after our son was born. She was feeling lousy, of course, and exhausted, so I didn’t do it immediately. But once she was feeling a bit better, I surprised her with it there. What better time to make her feel good could there be?

How did she respond?  She loved it. I don’t think she realized I bought the same bracelet right away. But once she knew it was both the same one, and now hers forever, she was pretty amazed and very happy. And I was, of course, happy that she was so happy.

The whole gang!