“Art at Argo’s” – Celebrating Local Columbus Artists

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known”. –Oscar Wilde

When we started planning “Art at Argo’s,” a Facebook contest for local Columbus artists, we didn’t know what would happen. But we took a leap of faith and we’re pleased that we did!

The submissions were outstanding, with a wide variety of unique and interesting artistic styles. We were reminded how much amazing local talent there is here in Columbus. Thanks to all who shared their local art with Argo & Lehne and our Facebook community! You can see all the submissions in our Art at Argo’s Facebook Gallery.

And The Winner Is…

Tom Deck - Art at Argo'sWe are excited to announce that local artist Todd Adam Decker is the winner of our first ever Art at Argo’s with his submission “Meditation Falls” Acrylic on canvas 16″ x 20″. We took a few minutes to sit down with Todd Adam Decker and asked him about his collection and background.

Winning Artist Spotlight: Todd Adam Decker

Todd grew up in Mt. Gilead, where he would often spend afternoons painting at his grandmother’s house as a small boy. He went on to earn his Masters from The Ohio State University and teach theatre. Now retired, Decker lives in Old Towne East near downtown Columbus.

Once retired, Decker returned to his love of painting. He says that he finds the medium relaxing and therapeutic.

The Inspiration Behind The Collection

Much of Todd’s work is inspired by international influences. Early on, he was heavily concentrated on Mexican folk art inspired pieces. About a year ago, however, he began to focus on the Eastern side of the globe.

Asian culture has had a strong influence on Decker. In particular, he’s drawn to the dream-like fading “in and out” mystic quality of artwork found in South China.

His early Asia-inspired work was composed in blacks and whites with occasional, tasteful pops of color. Recently, he finds himself drawn to the color red and the boldness it brings to a piece. Decker favors soft energies tastefully balanced to draw the eye deeper into the painting.

Todd’s winning collection is entitled “Asians Dreams Remembered”, and is the representation of this evolution as an artist.

Decker’s Current Art Projects

Decker may be retired, but he stays extremely active. His collection entitled “Five”, based on the 5 elements, was recently showcased in Bexley.

Today, he is the lead designer for floral arrangements at Michael’s. He also facilitates a variety of open studio nights where aspiring artists pain landscapes, skyscapes, floral and still life pieces. Additionally, he leads a self-titled studio session called “Painting with Todd”.

As for his own art, Decker is continuing to work on his featured “Asian Dreams Remembered” collection.

Decker’s Local Favorites List

We also asked Decker about his favorite galleries and artist communities in Columbus. He highly recommends the following:

Stop In And See The Collection

Come see the collection and personally congratulate Decker at our reception from 5-8pm on Thursday, September 24th. His pieces will be displayed in our Upper Arlington showroom from September 1st– November 30th 2015.

Additionally, you can follow Todd on Facebook at “Painting with Todd” or “TADKCreations”.

A Word About “Art at Argo’s”

We hope to make this the first of a quarterly series, extending the chance to many deserving Columbus artists to gain recognition.

Argo & Lehne has a passion for Columbus art and local talent and as such, supports the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival, employs artistic talent from local institutions such as Columbus College of Art & Design, and proudly exhibits the work of Alfred Tibor and Elena Osterwalder. “Like” us on Facebook to follow more competitions like this throughout the year!