Art at Argo’s: Jennifer Tieche

We are proud to announce that former employee & Columbus native, Jennifer Tieche, will showcase her art at Argo & Lehne from Oct 27 –  Jan 5 in the installation “Spectrum: Creating Moods & Feelings through Colors”. Although every painting is created with the same method of acrylic slip or pour, the feel of each piece is distinctively different due to the color selection. This retrospective collection looks at the journey from darkness to lightness and encourages the viewer to feel the emotions of each piece.

Jennifer with her painting, “Awakening”, a very transitional piece in which she introduces lighter colors.

As a graduate art student from Capital University, Jennifer has consistently utilized art as an outlet to express feelings. Though she studied more traditional methods in school she has recently discovered and is practicing acrylic slip and acrylic pour. Discovered after the loss of a family member, she describes it as an extremely freeing exercise, allowing emotion to take shape on canvas. Through the process, she has experienced simultaneously a transformation in her work and a deep internal healing from grief. Jennifer’s talents allow her to paint in the traditional manner as well as sculpting, glass etching, and jewelry making. She has had a special bond with Argo & Lehne ever since she was a young girl and was thrilled at the opportunity to have her art exhibited here.

Argo & Lehne has always had a close spot in Jennifer’s heart as she was raised in a family of jewelers.

Her grandparents owned a jewelry store not unlike Argo & Lehne in Sandusky, OH. When her parents arrived in the Columbus area they fell in love with our store, the familiarity of the family run business. Jennifer speaks highly of the way she was treated as a young girl in the store and how at age 16 she would drive over to talk to Mr. Argo. He would take time with her and discuss jewelry and gems. It really became a home away from home. She later joined the store as an employee and is a true ambassador of all things Argo. We are forever grateful!

When not painting and swooning over diamonds…

Jennifer spends most of her days teaching figure skating at every rink in the Columbus area. When asked what she loves most about skating she describes the experience as like no other. “The experience of gliding across the ice is truly your own. It can never be exactly repeated. When I skate it’s a moment of self, music, performance and connection to the audience. It is so many elements that seamlessly come together at once and one of the beautiful opportunities to share your soul with others”. As she spoke these words we both giggled realizing it is not unlike her current artwork or her deep connection with many of our customers. Jennifer is just one of those genuine, easily approachable people.

Because of her fond memories of visiting the store as a young girl she adores her yearly visit to Argo & Lehne Jewelers with her young skaters. She believes it to be imperative and developmental to show the children what it’s like to wear a piece of fine jewelry. They immediately find their posture, smile and, most importantly, feel confident…imperative to a figure skater.

We love to watch the positive impact Jennifer has had on all she touches whether her art, her own skating or the many lives of young ones. We are delighted with her and work!

Art Opening:

To view Jennifer’s work visit our website. And to meet Jennifer in person, join us for her Art Opening on Tuesday, October 30th from 5 – 7 pm. We will clink flutes, snack on sweet treats and enjoy the colors surrounding us in her striking paintings. A great opportunity to acquire some beautiful art gifts for the holidays. Her paintings range at an approachable price from $30-$260.

We look forward to seeing you here!