Art at Argo’s: Suzanne Robinson

Water's Edge | Suzanne Robinson

Water’s Edge, 40″ x 30″


It was at the Columbus Museum of Art Women’s Board luncheon at Scioto Country Club when I first heard about Suzanne Robinson. I had inquired about local artists known for their landscape paintings and a few had mentioned the beauty of Suzanne’s work. I was able to find her website and was very taken by her subtle landscapes.

Once we finally met, I knew that her work would be a perfect fit for Argo & Lehne’s: Art at Argo’s. Now, I sit at my desk and look up at her paintings and it is as if they were meant to be here all along.

About Suzanne Robinson

I learned from Suzanne that she was a textile designer for about 20 years. I now can see a similarity to her paintings that one might see or feel in fabric. Her paintings have a soft texture to them. She creates this through the colors she chooses and the painting technique she uses.

Suzanne RobinsonWhen asked to describe her work and how it has evolved over time, she explained that when she moved from the city to the country, she was ready for a life change and a change in her art.  She became overwhelmed with the everyday views as she drove through the countryside. She began painting from memory and wanted to capture the feeling of the day as much as the subject.

That was about 19 years ago and today she still feels the same inspiration in her work. She states, “I feel that people have forgotten to notice the beauty of this world and the profoundly positive affect it can have on your life. My art is a reminder to look at the world around us and find it all to be relaxing as well as breathtaking.”

Suzanne’s Inspiration

Through February 14th at Argo & Lehne Jewelers, Suzanne’s paintings will be on display and available for purchase in the exhibit, “Nature Interpreted.” The inspiration behind the collection is our own backyard, Ohio. She enjoys Ohio’s diversity and would hesitate to live anywhere else. Robinson states, “When the sun is out the sky is so beautiful and the world tells a story that is fresh. When “weather” rolls in, you can feel the excitement in the air and you have an entirely new story waiting to be told.”

Passing Storm | Suzanne Robinson

“Passing Storm”, 36″ x 24″

See Suzanne’s Work at Argo & Lehne

Visit our website to see her current collection and note new paintings may rotate in throughout the exhibition period. You may notice her subject matter encompass more of nature than landscapes. She infuses her paintings with emotion, peacefulness, a kind of serenity, even excitement.  We are pleased to showcase such a fine artist and hope you enjoy her work as much as we do!