Art at Argo’s: Tina Husted

Tina’s work may look familiar. She submitted 3 of her pastel pieces to our very first Art at Argo’s Call For Entry in 2015. You definitely wouldn’t be the only one who liked her work. She received in total, 141 votes from our Facebook followers! We enjoyed her work so much that we asked her to exhibit, and we are grateful for her kind acceptance.

Tina Husted - Art at Argo's, Cherry Blossom Daze

An original submission from our first Art at Argo’s Call for Entry in 2015. “Cherry Blossom Daze”. Chalk pastel. 20 x 24

About Tina HustedTina Husted | Art at Argo & Lehne

Originally from Bucyrus, OH, Tina now resides in Upper  Arlington with her husband, Jon and their three children. One of the main takeaways I found from Tina is that she is motivated! She holds a physical therapy license, real estate broker license, runs marathons; not to mention she is a golf and bridge player and a dedicated parishioner of Riverside United Methodist Church. Oh, yes, she also finds time to create the most beautiful pastels that really capture light in nature!

Her fondness for creating began in her youth. She contemplated studying art in college, but in the end completed a degree in science. It was inevitable that her passion would come forth again. It was just a few years ago (Fall 2014) that she would discover pastel chalk. She enjoys how wonderful pastels are in that they offer an array of colors with which shadowing can be enhanced and distributed throughout the piece. She feels particularly connected to her work by controlling pastels with her hands both by drawing and blending.

It’s no wonder strong light inspires her work. Tina really captures light! Whether its a sunrise, sunset or an interesting shadow on cloud formations, the light just pulls you into the drawing.  A large part of her work focuses on nature and landscapes.  For Tina, it’s about “nature, landscapes, and the great beauty of what the earth offers that continues to draw me in so to capture the perfect time when the light has its ‘moment’.”

See Tina’s Pastels at Argo & Lehne

Snowy Shadow | Tina Husted, Art at Argo's

“Snowy Shadow” 19 x 25.

Tina’s pastels will be on display from Aug. 1- Nov. 4th.  Visit our website to view her current collection or stop into our showroom to see her work up close!

Art Opening: To meet Tina in person and preview her gorgeous art,  join us for her opening reception, Wednesday, September 13th from 5-7 pm. “Explorations of Light” will be on display through Nov. 4.

To view a more extensive collection of Tina’s work, please visit her website,

Giving Back

Tina and Argo & Lehne will donate 10% of all pastel drawing purchases to Rahab’s Hideaway, a program that provides safe housing and supportive services for victims of sex trafficking in the Columbus area.


Silent Auction

At the evening of the Art Opening you will also have the opportunity to bid on this gorgeous pastel depiction of the iconic Upper Arlington Chef-O-Nette. Proceeds go toRahab’s Hideaway, a Columbus safe haven for victims of sex trafficking.