Art at Argo’s: Valerie Dunning Edwards

Many months ago, I was approached by long time customers of Argo & Lehne about an artist they thought might be a great add to Art at Argo’s. They apologized for not knowing exactly how to describe her work and expressed I needed to see it to understand. Intrigued, I asked them to bring an example.

Shortly after, they returned with their friend and artist, Valerie Dunning Edwards. They set down a few of her three dimensional sculptures and I was floored. These pieces were beautiful, whimsical and really pulled at my emotions! They embodied movement & nature and were made from the simplest of mediums, paper. We all agreed this was a great place to display her work and I am so honored to share her artwork, passion and breathtaking way she captures nature in our Winter Art at Argo’s Exhibit, “The Power of Paper & the Color of Paint” – on display and for purchase from Nov. 6th – Jan. 20th.

The Process Behind Her Sculptures

There are no patterns. Valerie creates each piece without the use of metal or wire armatures inside, purely paper. Actually, she informed me that her 90 year old mother reads the Wall Street Journal twice, once for pleasure and a second time for color and texture. They then use the most desirable color sections for her sculptures. The color from the print is what she typically uses instead of paint. She begins by bending, cutting and layering the paper until a sense of being emerges. The result is every sculpture is one of a kind.

“I don’t consciously think…it just happens. The paper often dictates the direction of movement and color…the sculptures evolve, their souls come to be…”

The Inspiration is Only Natural

At an early age, Valerie’s father taught her his love for nature and animals. She has been creating her entire life and it has always pivoted around wildlife. She has selected natural materials to work with as they just feel right to her. Her paper sculptures usually sit on a natural edge piece of wood, from trees to paper it is a natural evolution for Valerie. She enjoys the fragility of paper and how she can create such powerfully & strong works of art.

Valerie Dunning Edwards | Argo & Lehne

The Woman Behind the Paper

Valerie was raised in Worthington, OH. She attended Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD), although predominantly self-taught. Her professional career has spanned fine art to commercial design and illustration. Her work is included in major collections throughout Canada and the United States. She moved from the Columbus area to Breckenridge, CO where she was surrounded by nature and began a small shop called “The Bond at Breck”. It was here she began creating a primitive version of her current sculptures. She has since relocated back to Columbus where she continues her art and is close to her mother.

Valerie Dunning Edwards | Art at Argo's

The ExhibitValerie Dunning Edwards Sculpture

Like her sculptures, Valerie’s paintings are also inspired by the natural world. From Nov. 6 – Jan. 20th, you too can see Valerie’s 3D sculptures and paintings up close in the Art at Argo’s exhibit, “The Power of Paper & the Color of Paint.”  To preview the entire collection click here; however, seeing the work in person is truly a must.