Art at Argo’s: Valerie Lamb-Steece

We are pleased to introduce our next Art at Argo’s artist, Valerie Lamb-Steece. As the season is finally beginning to change and the sun is beginning to peak out of the clouds, it seems a fitting time for the bright and colorful work of this local UA resident.

About the Artist

Valerie Lamb-Steece lives in Upper Arlington, Ohio and was raised on a small farm in Worthington. Her appreciation of the beauty of the organic world around her began at an early age and it was instinctive to be captivated by outdoor activities, including gardening.

It’s difficult for Valerie to recall a time when she wasn’t drawing or painting. Her passion for painting led her to Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD), where she graduated with a Fine Arts degree with a focus on painting. Today, Valerie spends her days as a realtor and her free time is spent hiking, camping or, often, at her art studio located at 400 W. Rich Street in the Franklinton Art District.


“The guiding idea in my artwork is meditation on the beautiful yet often tragic world around us.  I enjoy observing the natural world.  I adore color-emotion, light, mood; all can be expressed by it. Using bits of landscape and lush color my aim is to create a place both abstract and real, but not here and now.” 

Valerie’s Signature Style

The first thing most notice about Valerie’s work is the rich, vibrant colors she uses in all her paintings. You can almost feel the color vibrate through you. In her exhibit at Argo & Lehne, she commonly uses cerulean blue. It only makes sense that she is known to bring her easel along on her family’s beach vacations to destinations like the Caribean, California & Florida.

When asked about her style, Valerie indicated she enjoys creating surrealistic artwork that allows the viewers to create their own interpretations. There is an overriding theme in her work of storytelling with a joyful message. When pressed for some of her favorite artists Valerie said that Georgia O’Keeffe, Matisse, Dali’ & Wayne Thiebaud were definitely on the top of her list.

What’s It Like to be an Artist in Columbus?

“Supported”. Valerie couldn’t speak enough of the support and comradery she has as an artist in Columbus and a tenant of the studios located at 400 W. Rich Street. She highly recommends visiting the studios every 2nd Friday of the month at Franklinton Fridays from 6-9pm. Her studio is 205 (the second floor).

Feel the Paintings of Valerie Lamb-Steece at Argo & Lehne

Valerie’s paintings will be on display from April 23 – June 30th. Visit our website to view her current collection or stop by our showroom to see her work up close!

Art Opening: To meet Valerie in person and preview her captivating art,  join us for her opening reception, Thursday, May 31st from 5-7 pm. “Air & Light” will be on display through June 30th.

To view a more extensive collection of Valerie’s work, please visit her website,