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November Fireside Chats – Explore Top Holiday Gifts with a Featured Guest Weekly

This year we bring you our top gift categories with our favorite and most coveted pieces for the holiday season. The buzz around the holidays is that shopping early has it’s benefits, well, we couldn’t agree more. We have had such a successful year and we anticipate the holiday to reflect the same. We have prepared by stocking our inventory early and can’t wait to share some of our staff and client favorites. Michelle, our President at Argo & Lehne will sit with a new guest from the store each Friday morning at 9 am and advise on our top gifts for all your loved ones during our Fireside Chats. So, kick back, get cozy and enjoy our chats live or at your convenience on our Facebook page. Jump to the bottom of the post to find out how to be entered to win our grand prize of a $250 gift card, announced on Black Friday.



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Estate Jewelry Buying Event

Sell to professionals, Oct. 12-13th. A&L will host a 125 year old NYC firm specializing in buying fine estate jewelry.
Have you recently inherited jewelry or have items that no longer fit your lifestyle? This is an excellent opportunity to discuss with our estate buyers options for selling.
They are seeking jewelry containing:

diamonds & precious stones • signed jewelry by Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany and other major houses • items with gold and platinum

The firm’s expertise, experience and global outlets ensure you will be offered top prices.

No Obligation. Immediate Payment.
Appointments Required. Please call or email.


Items We Do Not Purchase

  • Gold coins
  • Gold bars
  • Pearls
  • Non-precious metal watches
  • Gold or silver plated items

Updated Covid Selling Protocols

If you have sold with us before, we have made changes to the structure of the buying event for your health and safety. Please read below the following protocol to acquaint yourself with the improved measures we are taking as we move forward together.
  • Masks are required to enter.
  • If you are experiencing any COVID related symptoms just prior to or at the time of your appointment including fever, fatigue, dry cough, and difficulty breathing, please contact Argo & Lehne Jewelers. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms we can reschedule your appointment.
  • At the time of your appointment, find a parking spot and text us your name or phone us at 614-457-6261 to let us know you have arrived. When the buyer’s work station is properly sanitized and ready for you, we will text you to come in. We are no longer allowed to let guests wait in the store before or after their appointments and have a strict policy of allowing only 8 guests in the store at one time.
  • If you accept the offer provided by the buying team, we will need a copy of your driver’s license to issue a check.

We look forward to safely serving you at our Buying Event while offering you top prices for your jewelry.


The Argo & Lehne Team

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Welcome Back – Impressionistic Painter, John Wilson

We are thrilled to welcome back local artist, John Wilson, to our latest Art at Argo’s exhibit. The exhibition. “Seaside Holiday”, begins September 27 and will remain on display in our Arlington showroom through January 15. John’s work was last shown at Argo & Lehne in 2017, where we came very close to a sold out show. His impressionistic paintings are ever so popular with our customers and staff. In this exhibit, he shares many paintings captured from his seaside holidays on the Cape. (more…)

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Vintage Jewelry Trends That Are Back in Style

As the saying goes, “what goes around, comes around”. This is true with jewelry as well as clothes. Of course, timing on these trends is of utmost importance. With an acute eye for fashion forecasting, we are here to tell you about all the vintage jewelry trends that are back in style. This way, you can be your most fashion forward self and be ready to dazzle in the upcoming season.


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How Can You Tell The Quality Of A Ruby?

As one of the world’s most popular gems, many ask what makes a ruby so beautiful and how does one tell if the ruby they are looking at is of high quality? This is a great question! You don’t need to be a gemologist to understand the quality and value of a ruby, but we all might benefit from more education shopping for rubies. In this article we will tell you all you need to know about rubies and answer the common question “How Can You Tell The Quality Of A Ruby”.

The History Of Rubies

Portrait for the Coronation of Queen Victoria by George Hayter (detail), wearing the new Imperial State Crown made for her by the Crown Jewellers Rundell and Bridge, with 3093 gems, with the Black Prince’s Ruby at the front. (Public Domain photo)

Many cultures have considered rubies the gemstone of kings. Historically, the stone was worn in many battles as it was thought to be a stone of protection.  Some cultures even went as far as inserting the stone into the skin as they believed this would protect them. Ruby goes back as far as the Bible and is still ever so popular. With its intense red color it only makes sense that it also symbolizes wealth and passion. It is the birthstone of July and Cancer and both the 15th and 40th anniversary stone.

Historically, all red stones were called rubies from the Latin word, ruber or “red”. It wasn’t until ruby was identified as corundum did it separate them from other luscious red stones. You may have heard of the the famous 14th century Black Prince’s Ruby in the British Imperial Crown. Well, this “ruby” is actually a red spinel and was thought to be a ruby until the 1940’s.


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Art at Argo’s “Celebrating Sunlight” paintings by Carrie & Michelle Boerio

I recently had the honor of meeting artist, Carrie Boerio in the store and we discussed her and her daughter’s artwork. Once I was able to research and view their works I was like a moth to light! The vivid colors and broad brushstrokes encapsulated in each of their individual paintings draws you in and makes you want to see more. I’m fascinated by these two women for many reasons but absolutely admire and adore their strong, collaborative approach to their art and careers while still being able to clearly define their work as individuals. There are so many similarities and approaches which result in very different and equally beautiful results. Their encouragement and support for each other is so inspiring. With the bright days of summer finally here, what better time to share these artists colorful and radiant works at Art at Argo’s, “Celebrating Sunlight”.


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Bridal Package Giveaway

bridal package giveaway

Many wedding plans have been canceled and delayed due to the pandemic, but we have noticed that proposals have not been thwarted. In fact, they may have even increased during this time.

Love endures and we want to celebrate! And what better month than June, bridal month.

Whether you have purchased your engagement ring through us, another jeweler or are entering on behalf of an engaged friend, we welcome you to enter our

Instagram Bridal Package Giveaway

Recently engaged or know someone who is? Enter our Bridal Package Giveaway! All entrants will receive 20% off* their next A&L purchase. The grand prize winner may browse the biggest jewelry box, our store, and borrow jewelry for your Big Day! The grand prize winner will also receive a $500 Argo & Lehne gift card for something beautiful to remember this most exciting occasion and an engagement photoshoot with @stephaniewestphotography.

To Enter:

  • LIKE the post
  • FOLLOW @argolehnejewelers + @stephaniewestphotography
  • TAG a friend (1 TAG = 1 entry. TAG as many friends as you would like.)
  • All are welcome to enter for the 20% off but only engaged entrant can win the grand prize. 
**Earn a BONUS entry by SHARING this in your story and tagging us.

The winner will be selected on Monday, June 21, 2021 through DM.    

May your engagement be sparkling. May your wedding be unforgettable. May your love grow always. Congratulations!

To learn more about Stephanie West Photography read our recent blog post on her 2021 Bridal Photography Trends.

*excludes vintage collection, loose diamonds, giftware and artwork. 10% off diamond stud earrings. 1 coupon per customer. valid until 12/1/2021. Each entrant will receive the coupon code via DM on their Instagram. Make sure to allow access to send messages.


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2021 Bridal Trends – Photography

All of June we are highlighting “bridal month” and reporting 2021 bridal trends to our customers. Whether you are planning your wedding, dreaming of it one day or just love all things bridal like we do, we have all the 2021 Bridal Trends right here. In this post we are focusing on photography and have reached out to Stephanie West from Stephanie West Photography. Stephanie has shot some beautiful photos for us and as well as one of our own employee’s engagement photos.

2021 Bridal Trends

Stephanie West Photography, the insanely gorgeous and detailed shot Stephanie took for our new homepage look!


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Mother’s Day Photo Contest

Know a mom who deserves recognition this Mother’s Day?

Argo & Lehne wants to know about her.

Michelle Ward, president at Argo & Lehne Jewelers with her daughter. Photograph: Hugues Saint-Amand



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Art at Argo’s – “Play Persistently”, Jeanie Coy Auseon, 2-D Artist

Play & Wonder, 2. 30″ x 30″, Paint, Charcoal on Mylar, $995.

Art at Argo’s enthusiastically welcomes Jeanie Coy Auseon this quarter with her exhibit, Play Persistently, on display at our Upper Arlington showroom April 5 – June 5, 2021. Jeanie is an Upper Arlington resident who has been creating her entire life. However, since retirement, she has dedicated much of her time to 2D art.

Jeanie is a “process artist”, absorbed in the technique and procedures of her art. She has journeyed through surface design in multiple forms such as batik on silk, silk screening, printmaking, oil paint and cold wax, and has stretched the boundaries of each by exploring different techniques. The problem solver in her is drawn to these art forms.

In the exhibit, “Play Persistently,” she treats our visitors to a breathtaking assortment of media. The inspiration for her artwork is nature, but also the shadows or voids in the realistic view. She is intrigued by the way daylight plays off objects. She tends to avoid any recognizable subject matter as she wants viewers to interpret her works in their own way. Her abstract style draws you in, as the color, composition, mood and feeling may vary. Jeanie naturally prefers warmer colors and some have observed an Asian influence in her work, perhaps from the times she visited China and Japan. “Play & Wonder,” an example of the artist pushing her comfort zone, using blues. We invite you to explore her work, both online and in-store through June 5th, and come to your own conclusions. (more…)

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