Bridal Trends 2022

It’s bridal season and it always brings me great pleasure to write this blog.  With past experience in bridal boutiques and my current position in sales and custom design at Argo, I am always on the forefront of trends and all things bridal! This is the blog of the year I look forward to most! And this year, of all years, I have really been immersed in all things wedding.  As some of you may know, I got engaged in January, and I will be getting married this October!!  I have been actively planning a beautiful fall wedding, and have come across so many exciting ideas that I can’t wait to share!

Without giving away all of my details of my wedding before the big reveal, I can give you some insight of trends for the year, as well as jewelry fashions you will be seeing through this 2022 wedding season!

Bold & Mixed Colors

Bold and mixed colors have been been popping up all over the scene!  You will find the brides maids in mixed colored dresses and even dresses with prints!  And to tie that all in together, brides are wearing bold colors in their bridal jewelry like the earrings pictured below.  


In regards to floral, we are seeing more dried flowers or even silk/ wood flowers!  As much as the silk and wood flowers may save some money, I myself, don’t want to miss out on the aroma of fresh cut flowers!  But pairing up the soft colorful florals and metal accents have been a hot topic!   It also relates to jewelry trends.  I am seeing right hand rings being purchased as stacks, with enhancers.  It’s bringing a more floral and detailed look, as brides are wanting to share the love of bling with their right hand!  I have found many grooms buying their bride a ring or two as their wedding day gift!  Check out these beautiful rings and the geometric centerpieces below. 



When it comes to engagement rings, we are seeing a few strong concepts:

Timeless solitaires

As they seem to always be in trend, we are finding that now people are getting a bit more creative, in terms of the shape of the diamond, as well as have some hidden details like a tiny halo underneath the diamond, hidden engraved messages, and hidden details.  The trend towards Pear, Oval, and Emeralds have really taken off! Check out these stunning rings with hidden halos, and unique center stones!

Vintage revival

is the next topic of conversation!  Brides are still in love with vintage pieces, however there has been a surge in vintage inspired pieces.  These rings are either custom made, or casted as a “new” ring and seem to be taking over the industry!  Design aspects usually found are from Deco, Edwardian, or Victorian eras, and are even being found in different metals like two tone, or even rose gold!  The mixture of old and new, is taking new heights in the bridal industry.  Vintage glam, like neon name signs with dried floral is bringing back the 1920’s!  


Unisex wedding bands!

Last, but not least, is one of the most new an upcoming trends, and I sure hope this one lasts!  Unisex wedding bands!  Couples have been stepping out of the norm and have been wanting similar styles, or even matching rings!  With so many couples ditching the huge wedding party, and just having a small wedding, they have been going simple and traditional.  And what is more traditional than matching wedding bands unique to the couple?!


These woven matching wedding bands are so detailed even down the two tone! Click here to view our collection of wedding bands and vintage wedding bands. 


I hope you all have enjoyed some of these fun wedding ideas, and I cannot wait to share with you all my big day!  Stay tuned in the future for updates!  Happy Wedding Season!












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