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Argo Approved – Upper Arlington’s Skin & Sugar spa

At Argo & Lehne we are finishing this month and starting next with an emphasis on self care, starting here – in the store! I suppose it is a practice what you preach scenario. 😉

With the past two years being a complete whirlwind, the pandemic has taught us to do business in many ways that we were previously unaccustomed. We have weathered the storms of short staffing, felt the pressure of hiring difficulties, have worked endless hours and through it all we have had a steadfast team that makes things happen – our graceful swans with hardworking feet underwater propelling our business forward.


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Argo Approved: Oakland Interiorscapes

Oakland Nurseries, so much more than a horticulture nursery, offering wedding and event decor.

Oakland Nurseries; a family owned business that has been around for almost 80 years, has always been my “go to” plant store with one of the widest selections of plants. On the rare occasion that I’m unable to find what I’m looking for, they’ve always been more than willing to order it. I love the neighborhood feel and the customer service has always exceeded my expectations. I even had a sales associate reach out to me asking how I was enjoying the fountain I purchased. In my experience, this just doesn’t happen at every nursery.

I was aware that Oakland had services such as landscaping experts for commercial and residential spaces but didn’t realize that they have an Interiorscapes division that is dedicated to special events and custom décor. The Oakland Interiorscapes offers a wide selection of plant material for rent as well as many other green elements to make your wedding unique and magical. I can attest to their gorgeous designs, as I recently saw their work at the Garden Party Event at the Columbus Museum of Art. (more…)

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A Wedding Story – Paige & Brennan

Paige & Brennan – 11.24.2018

Jewelry from Argo: ladies wedding band

Wedding Theme: Peacock

Venue: The Club at Corazon

“We were originally looking for a rustic barn type wedding.  We went to several in one day and just threw the Club in as a wild card.  I was so pleasantly surprised by them. Not only were they the most affordable of all the options, they had an AMAZING bridal suite, BEAUTIFUL grounds, and delicious food.  They were professionals from start to finish and were available to answer any of my questions or concerns. I would 100% recommend them to any bride!”



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Argo Approved: Fred Astaire Dance Studio Northwest Columbus

Fred Astaire Columbus Northwest

It was nearly two years ago that I met Daniel Tackett, owner of Fred Astaire Dance Studio Northwest (just off Bethel Rd). We’d met briefly at a networking event and when he told me he was affiliated with the dance studio, I remember thinking, “how can we create a partnership with Argo & Lehne?” I’m a lover of dance: the grace, fluidity and confidence that exudes dancers is simply captivating to me. (more…)

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Argo Approved: Sugar Artist & Pastry Chef, Scarlett Kilzer

Lovely Couture Cakes

This edition of “Argo Approved” we delve into the world of luxe! Who would have thought a wedding cake could be considered couture? Well, I’m the first to tell you the moment I saw the work of Scarlett Kilzer from Miam Cake it was obvious that this was not like any other cake I’d ever seen. From the sugar flowers that mind you look absolutely real to the handmade locust painted with edible gold, this was the work of an artist. Can you say, gobsmacked?!



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Argo Approved: Makeup Artist, Bridget Henry

As we continue with our blogs series, Argo Approved, our customers have made it clear they are interested in knowing who we approve in Columbus for everything wedding, from proposal ideas to honeymoons. This edition we bring you a Columbus Secret Gem, make-up artist, Bridget Henry.

Argo Approved: Bridget Henry

Bridget Henry in the October issue of “Upper Arlington Living” Magazine.

Who is Bridget Henry?

Bridget got her start in 1996 at Henri Bendel in Columbus’ former City Center Mall as the Counter Manger for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Quickly, Bridget was recognized for her sensational looks and raw talent. She began freelancing just 2 years into the industry and has been freelancing ever since (23 years now). Bridget relocated to New York where her make-up artistry began to soar.

She has worked with top designers in New York, Paris, London, and Milan fashion weeks. She has styled numerous celebrities – Kristen Stewart, Ben Stiller and Taylor Swift to a name just a few of the innumerable list. She has worked with major editorials such as Allure, Billboard, Bride, Essence, Fitness, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Lucky, People, Self, Vogue…you get it, the list goes on and on for this woman! But here’s the kicker…Bridget moved back from New York because she missed being close to home and craved to start a family and a new chapter in one of her favorite cities. So, now we have this amazing stylist right here in Columbus, OH!

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“Art at Argo’s” – Celebrating Local Columbus Artists

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known”. –Oscar Wilde

When we started planning “Art at Argo’s,” a Facebook contest for local Columbus artists, we didn’t know what would happen. But we took a leap of faith and we’re pleased that we did!

The submissions were outstanding, with a wide variety of unique and interesting artistic styles. We were reminded how much amazing local talent there is here in Columbus. Thanks to all who shared their local art with Argo & Lehne and our Facebook community! You can see all the submissions in our Art at Argo’s Facebook Gallery.

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Appraisal Examples

Here are some example appraisals for your reference:

pearl necklace

pink tourmaline diamond ring

sapphire diamond bracelet

yellow gold diamond pendant

rose gold diamond ring

yellow gold diamond ring




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Appraisal terms and limits



Replacement value is the current value for which an item may be purchased in a jewelry store engaged in the business of selling comparable merchandise.  Unless indicated, we have not removed any gems.


Diamonds are graded for the three quality factors of cutting, color & clarity according to the American Gem Society diamond grading standards.  Each of these quality factors is rated on a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being the best possible grade for that particular quality factor.  No diamond may be assigned a grade of 0 for any quality factors unless it is examined un-mounted.  Mounted diamonds are given a provisional grade in each of the quality factors.


Unless otherwise stated, all colored stones listed on this appraisal report is assumed to have been subjected to a permanent & in most cases undetectable color enhancement process.  Prevailing market values are based on these processes, which are universally practiced & accepted by the gem & jewelry trade.


Mountings prohibit the full & accurate evaluation of gemstones. All measurements & weights are approximate unless gemstones have been removed from mountings.  Identification of metals & methods of construction are determined only to the extent that the design permits.


The values expressed are based on the current information available at the date of the appraisal & the appraiser’s judgment & opinion. It is not a representation or warranty that the items will realize those values if offered for sale.


Rendering this appraisal does not require testimony or attendance in court or at any other hearing. The appraiser will try to accommodate arrangements made a reasonable time in advance.  Compensation will be at our customary hourly rate.


This copyrighted report shall not be used in whole or in part, other than its intended purpose, including but not limited to publicity, promotion or transfer of the article.


This report is not a guarantee or agreement or offer to buy & Argo & Lehne Jewelers makes no representation or warranty regarding this report or the article described herein.


This report is specifically limited to the article described at the time of its examination & is limited to the person requesting such report at the time the article & report are delivered.  It is not valid at any later date or for any subsequent transfer.


Argo & Lehne Jewelers, Inc. shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense as a result of this descriptive report to any person after the article has left the custody of Argo & Lehne.  Due to the nature of the article & the possibility of damage, change or other occurrence Argo & Lehne for itself, its agents & its employees specifically denies any liability to any persons for any reason for this report after the article has left the control of Argo & Lehne Jewelers, Inc.

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