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Valentine’s Giveaway

Purchases $100 or more receive a complimentary gift from Jan 23 – Feb. 14

Buy a gift, Get a gift!



Receive this adorable Pierced Heart Charm (a value of $40) when you spend $100 or over from January 23 – February 14.

Gift it just the way it is! each charm comes with a jump ring so you can hang it your favorite way.

Or customize it…

by adding a chain – select the perfect chain to add to your charm so your dear one can wear it close to their heart as a pendant.

by adding a charm bracelet – perhaps an addition to their current charm bracelet or purchase a charm bracelet to add your pierced heart charm.

by adding a split ring – you can create an adorable, one of a kind key chain.

engraving – to personalize your charm we can machine engrave your charm. Both the front and back are engravable.


Featured: pendant, keychain and earrings.


Click here to learn more about the Pierced Heart Bar Charm.

*excludes repairs.




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Make Your Wishlist – Receive 20% Off!

The Wishlist is a great tool! With it you can have fun while narrowing down the thousands of unique choices at Argo & Lehne to just the most perfect ones for you. We will keep it here and you can share it with anyone. They will know just what to get you for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. If your list contains enough items, it can still be a surprise.

Here’s the best part! On Black Friday, November 25, items on Argo & Lehne wishlists will be up to 20% off*, as long as you placed them on the list before Black Friday and they are still in stock.

 Reach out to your sales associate and schedule an appointment or build your list online. Get together with your friends and family and make a party of it!


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Vintage Valentine Gifts

Jewelry has always been rich in symbolism. What better way to express your feelings this Valentine’s Day than a unique vintage gift for your beloved? If you appreciate the romance of the past, you most certainly will love these beautiful gifts of affection.

Butterflies –

The charming and whimsical butterfly has always captured our imagination, often symbolizing freedom, love and the rebirth of the soul. The feng shui tradition of China uses it to encourage success in love and romance. Jade is thought to promote luck, trust, fidelity and maturity in love relationships. What a combination for this adorable vintage butterfly pendant with 11 carats of nephrite jade accented by 2 diamonds!



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How to Select the Perfect Valentine Gift for Everyone

February has always been a favorite for me. I’m sure that’s why I’m in the jewelry business; I’m one of those people who loves LOVE! So, it comes as no shock that I love Valentine’s Day. For the whole month I try to arrange extra thoughtful somethings for myself and others. You can usually find me dressed in my favorite pinks, reds, hearts and anything symbolic of the season. I even have a ritual to make homemade pasta this time of year because it is a true labor of love and made with heart. However, I know that not everyone feels this way and some definitely need advice when selecting the perfect Valentine gift. I get it. There can be a bit of pressure around the holiday too. Well, I’m here to help. Whether it’s a new or well-seasoned relationship, or a gift to a friend or family, I have advice to get you started in the right direction.

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A&L Staff Picks Under $1000

The holiday is nearing and our team has assembled their favorite jewelry all under $1000. Some of their choices would even make great little stocking stuffers. There is much to choose from in the store that it was hard for everyone to only select a few. I hope you enjoy the read and it helps those who are looking for those last minute gifts. To see some of the items up close be sure to watch the Facebook video on Thursday, December 17 at 7pm.


Janet’s Picks – delicate everyday jewelry


Janet’s first selection is what we refer to as “diamonds by the yard” or a “station necklace”. The collection comes in many colors: rose, yellow and white gold as well as many lengths. They are available in bracelet as well as necklace. The price point varies on the size of diamonds but the bracelets begin at $480 and the necklaces begin at $840.

“I love both the diamond station bracelet and necklace. In fact, I just ordered a bracelet as a friend’s gift. They are perfectly delicate when worn alone and add just the right amount of sparkle and interest when layered. Because of the delicacy I like that they can be layered with mixed metals – yellow gold with a sliver cuff, etc…” – Janet


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12 Cozy Days of Christmas – How to Create a Homey Holiday

Tis’ the Season to join our newsletter! Just as years past, this December, we will have 12 days in which are email subscribers will receive exclusive promotions. This year we are keeping things cozy! It’s a year like no other and most of us are staying home and safe with our families. If you are looking for ways to cozy up your holiday I’ve included a list of activities for the whole family to enjoy and if you are looking for a holiday special from Argo & Lehne Jewelers, sign up here for our newsletter. 



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November Fireside Chats – An Exploration of Personalized Gifts

As 2020 has been a year to reflect, we anticipate an uptick in personalized jewelry gifts this holiday season. This month we will dedicate each Friday to inspire and advise on thoughtful gifts for all your loved ones during our 9am Fireside Chats. So, kick back, get cozy and enjoy our chats live or at your convenience on our Facebook page. Jump to the bottom of the post to find out how to be entered to win one of four fabulous prizes to include an Argo & Lehne gift card.


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Engraving – An Everlasting Gift

As so many of us have reflected on the importance of friends and family throughout this unusual year, we foresee many thoughtful gifts, full of extra personalization and meaning. An engraved jewelry can transform your lovely gift into a treasure for posterity; it might just be the perfect option. Sometimes a date is all that is needed; sometimes a name or monogram; sometimes a meaningful quote works the magic.


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Dating in the City: An Interview With Nicci Sprouse-Grosso

Too often in the jewelry business we speak about those that are in love and ready to make big commitments, like engagements and celebrating milestone anniversaries. However, many of our customers are independent women who are making self purchases,  and some of those women are in relationships, but many are not. Our customers are the CEO’s of businesses, volunteers of local organizations, moms showing their daughters what it is like to be a confident woman and so much more. The point is, our customers are mainly women in diverse situations all with a common bond of individual style.

So, this Valentine’s we thought it might be interesting to share a different spin on love. Just like our customers have different stories, so do their dating experiences. We have seen and heard enough love stories to know many things work in finding the right person and if your heart is ready, there is someone out there for everyone. And if you choose to not find that person that’s ok too. Love comes in many different forms including things we are passionate about. Just be you and be happy.

But for those looking for a new way of dating, we interviewed someone we thought had a really interesting story and professional background in connecting love matches.

Meet Nicci Sprouse-Grosso.

She has a great love story of her own, years of executive matchmaking experience and a new venture with her husband which is a social club for singles. (more…)

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Black Friday Weekend Wishlist Event

Do you have your eye on one of our pieces of jewelry for either yourself or a loved one this Holiday Season?

This Black Friday you may be able to have the piece at a discount as high as 20% off! 


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