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Inside Argo’s: Meet The Team & Mr. Argo’s Helpers


If you have lived in Columbus and most specifically Upper Arlington for any length of time, you may have heard of our little jewelry store, filled with diamonds, exceptional gemstones and beautiful one of a kind jewelry. You may have even heard about our phenomenal customer service, our traditional signature handmade rose gift wrap or even a story or two about Mr. Argo delivering a holiday package on Christmas Eve to someone’s home. The holiday miracles that happen in this most magical time of the year are endless & it truly is what we look forward to all year round. So, who are these elves working around the clock at Argo & Lehne Jewelers?!


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Inside Argo’s: Eve

Who is Eve? How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I am a people person and caretaker, who appreciates fashion, sunshine, and a good challenge.

Your Position

Director of Operations


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Inside Argo’s: Rachel

Who is Rachel?

Rachel recently moved back to Ohio after a decade living in Chicago. She has an eye for detail given her background in fashion design. And she is always up for a challenge!

Rachel’s position: 

Sales Associate.


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Inside Argo’s: Vinnie

Who is Vinnie ?

Vinnie has been with Argo & Lehne Jewelers for 42 years, officially the longest employment of all of the team. She explains, “I’m family-oriented, a dog lover & dedicated employee.”

If you ask us, we can tell you she is the pulse of the store. She is the first to arrive in the morning and stays far past her scheduled departure time…most days.  On top of all that, she is a kind soul with a great sense of humor. We are so fortunate to have her and all her knowledge.


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Inside Argo & Lehne: Will

Who is Will?Will Argo | Argo & Lehne Jewelers

A renaissance man with many varied interests & talents.

Will’s Position:

Bench jeweler & engraver.

Why Argo & Lehne?

I started at age 18 as a sales person, but over time, as I got a reputation for fixing things, I gradually realized that I was more suited to that. I attended Drouhard National Jewelers School to learn goldsmithing and trained as a machine engraver.


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Inside Argo’s: Robert

Argo & Lehne Owner - Robert Argo

Who is Robert Argo?

Dreamer, doer, designer, thinker, tinkerer, trouble maker, entrepreneur, optimist, poet, putterer, punster, singer, sifter, cycler, recycler, composer, contrarian, curmudgeon.

Robert’s Position:

Guardedly optimistic.


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Inside Argo’s: Glenda Argo

Who is Glenda Argo?

A country girl at heart, I love family, children, animals and all things living and growing (except centipedes).

Glenda’s Position:

Media Coordinator – main duties are marketing, particularly social media & email marketing. I also help Bob with appraisals and anything else that needs doing.


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Inside Argo’s: Janet

Who is Janet?

Janet is extremely enthusiastic and kindhearted. She connects with everyone she meets and is extremely conscientious. She is the type of person you wish you could work with in every situation. She goes out of her way to have all your questions answered, she follows through with all she says while being a complete delight. At Argo & Lehne, we see her as a socialite. She’s always in the know of the most recent and hottest, whether its the latest restaurant or movie, Janet has researched it, seen it or put it on her bucket list. Janet is fun and we simply adore her!

Janet’s Position:

Part-Time Sales Associate since October, 2015


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Inside Argo’s: Anne

Anne Wilson - Argo & LehneWho is Anne?

The voice of reason and common sense delivered with style and humor.

Anne’s Position:

Certified Sales Associate, AGS (American Gem Society) with 37 years experience at Argo & Lehne Jewelers.


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Inside Argo’s: Michelle

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.25.37 PM

Who is Michelle?

a modern day Renaissance woman! A lover of fine detail and hand craftsmanship.

Michelle’s Position:

President.  Michelle began with Argo & Lehne Jewelers in October 2014. She streamlines and updates operations, continues to improve brand visibility through social media, web presence and community outreach. She has re-energized our team to best serve the current generation of buyers. (more…)

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