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Inside Argo’s: Anna

Anna at Argo & Lehne Jewelers In Columbus, OH

Anna fits in so well with our business culture of being customer-oriented, helpful and upbeat. She has fun with everything she does, while always striving for excellence. Introducing Anna in her words!

Who is Anna? How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

An energetic people person who loves to bring joy and laughter to others.

Your position:

Part-time sales associate since June 2020

Why Argo’s?

I love small, family owned businesses, and being part of one is even better. We place great importance on supporting the individual, and helping everyone find their perfect piece. I love my little Argo’s family!


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Inside Argo’s: Madeline

Madeline started working here while still in high school as part-time jewelry engraver & shop assistant. She easily learned the ropes and fit in with our team right away. We love her sense of humor, quick smile and kind & considerate manner. We count ourselves lucky to have her with us. Here’s all about Madeline in her words:

Who is Madeline? 

A college student with great hair, a creative spirit, and a positive attitude.

Your position:

Jewelry engraver, watch battery changer, and general odd job accomplisher.


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Inside Argo’s: Stephannie Miller

Who is Stephannie Miller?

“A 40-something, animal-loving, water sign, with a healthy appreciation for twisted humor and sarcasm.”

Stephannie’s position: 

Part-time sales associate. Stephannie is a hardworking and upbeat employee who loves connecting with clientele and finding exactly what the customer is after. She is always up for a challenge and has taken the initiative to learn many other aspects of the business, such as metallurgy and metal testing. We are very lucky to have her as part of our Argo Team.


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Inside Argo’s: Qua Morgan

Who is Qua Morgan?

“A wife, mother of 2 and an inspiring public figure in her community.”

Qua’s position: 

Qua is our Repair Processor. This is a crucial position at Argo & Lehne with our many repairs and custom pieces. This position takes extreme attention to detail and we are grateful to have Qua with her meticulous eye and upbeat attitude.


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Inside Argo’s: Rachel Burazer

Who is Rachel Burazer?

Rachel recently moved back to Ohio after a decade living in Chicago. She has an eye for detail given her background in fashion design. And she is always up for a challenge!

Rachel’s position: 

Sales Associate.


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Inside Argo’s: Adrianna Green

Who is Adrianna “Auna” Green?

“Passionate and driven; a lover of art, travel and growth”.

Auna’s position:

Auna is one of our newest team members who joined A&L just under seven months ago. During that time she has been intensively training for and performing her position as Repair Processor. This is a crucial job at Argo & Lehne with our many repairs and custom pieces. This position takes extreme attention to detail and we are grateful to have Auna and her meticulous eye.


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5 Reasons to Come to Argo & Lehne for Jewelry Appraisals

If you’re not getting paid for it, you’re obsessive; if you’re getting paid, you’re meticulous.” -Robert Argo

Hi, everyone! This is Glenda Argo. Bob Argo and I are, among other things, the appraisal team at Argo & Lehne. At a time when many jewelers are not offering appraisals or are outsourcing them, we continue to do them all in-house as we have for decades, as part of our full-service philosophy. Full-service means we want to be your one-stop source for everything jewelry related!

Here are five important reasons to have Argo & Lehne appraise your jewelry:

Quality – We apply our store philosophy of quality and excellence to everything we do, including appraisals. Our two-person team ensures accuracy – two sets of eyes on every appraisal with double and triple checking. We are meticulous and maybe we fuss a little too much, but that’s just how we operate. (more…)

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Inside Argo’s: Vinnie Boling

Who is Vinnie Boling?

Vinnie has been with Argo & Lehne Jewelers for 42 years, officially the longest employment of all of the team. She explains, “I’m family-oriented, a dog lover & dedicated employee.”

If you ask us, we can tell you she is the pulse of the store. She is the first to arrive in the morning and stays far past her scheduled departure time…most days.  On top of all that, she is a kind soul with a great sense of humor. We are so fortunate to have her and all her knowledge.


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Inside Argo’s: Cecilia Lammers

Cecilia Lammers | Argo & Lehne Jewelers Who is Cecilia Lammers?

I’m a Pennsylvania native who has made Upper Arlington home. Married to my husband of 22 years with one daughter and two cats. My daughter is in college in Maine, so we spend a lot of time exploring New England’s outdoors, museums and seaside towns.

Cecilia’s position:

Although Cecilia is one of our newest Full-Time Sales Associates, her transition has been so smooth it feels she has been a member of our team for much longer.

Why Argo’s?

Being part of a family-owned, local business really appeals to me. A&L has built a sparkling reputation for customer service and quality. I am eager to help carry on the A&L tradition.


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Inside Argo & Lehne: Will Argo

Who is Will Argo?Will Argo | Argo & Lehne Jewelers

A renaissance man with many varied interests & talents.

Will’s Position:

Bench jeweler & engraver.

Why Argo & Lehne?

I started at age 18 as a sales person, but over time, as I got a reputation for fixing things, I gradually realized that I was more suited to that. I attended Drouhard National Jewelers School to learn goldsmithing and trained as a machine engraver.


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