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Art Deco Vintage Jewelry

Art Deco, emblematic of the glamour and sophistication of the Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age, left an indelible imprint across various artistic domains. Emerging prominently from the 1925 International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris, France, Art Deco became the defining aesthetic of its time. Among its most enchanting expressions is Art Deco jewelry, a fascination that still endures.

As Argo & Lehne Jewelers traces its roots to this era of innovation and daring creativity, we embrace the vintage charm of Art Deco more passionately than any other. Here, we embark on a journey to rediscover the elegance and allure of Art Deco jewelry, delving into its distinctive characteristics, iconic pieces, and enduring influence.


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Vintage Valentine Gifts

Jewelry has always been rich in symbolism. What better way to express your feelings this Valentine’s Day than a unique vintage gift for your beloved? If you appreciate the romance of the past, you most certainly will love these beautiful gifts of affection.

Butterflies –

The charming and whimsical butterfly has always captured our imagination, often symbolizing freedom, love and the rebirth of the soul. The feng shui tradition of China uses it to encourage success in love and romance. Jade is thought to promote luck, trust, fidelity and maturity in love relationships. What a combination for this adorable vintage butterfly pendant with 11 carats of nephrite jade accented by 2 diamonds!



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Vintage Jewelry from Georgian to Art Deco

As a purveyor of estate jewelry, we find that our most sought after pieces pre-date 1940 and go all the way back to the Georgian era, spanning 5 eras. It may be hard to distinguish one from the other if you haven’t been trained to do so but they each have distinct characteristics. Here we delve into each era and explain the design behind the time period. If you would like to view more examples of vintage pieces, visit our website and view our vintage collection.


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November Fireside Chats – An Exploration of Personalized Gifts

As 2020 has been a year to reflect, we anticipate an uptick in personalized jewelry gifts this holiday season. This month we will dedicate each Friday to inspire and advise on thoughtful gifts for all your loved ones during our 9am Fireside Chats. So, kick back, get cozy and enjoy our chats live or at your convenience on our Facebook page. Jump to the bottom of the post to find out how to be entered to win one of four fabulous prizes to include an Argo & Lehne gift card.


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Black Friday Weekend Wishlist Event

Do you have your eye on one of our pieces of jewelry for either yourself or a loved one this Holiday Season?

This Black Friday you may be able to have the piece at a discount as high as 20% off! 


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Amazing Amethyst!

Queen Elizabeth in the Kent Amethysts. Photo:


Purple – combining the passion of red and the calm of blue – conveys balance and bliss, and a hint of mystery. Those of us who love it see it as a powerful color. Think of the purple robes and amethyst jewels of royalty. Amethyst was once up there with diamonds, emeralds, and rubies in rarity and preciousness, and thus was considered crown jewels material. Then in the early 19th century, a large deposit was discovered in Brazil and suddenly, supply and demand being what it is, amethysts became more plentiful and less valuable. We see that as a plus – amethysts haven’t changed. If anything, they are better with more from which to choose. But now they’re not just for royalty and the wealthy but are readily available to all of us!


Color is the sublimely beautiful main attraction of the amethyst. It is always purple, but can range from a light lavender or even purplish pink to very dark, almost black purple, and also reddish to a more bluish hue. Hue, tone, and saturation determine the color quality. Hue is the basic color (i.e., reddish purple); tone is the darkness or lightness; saturation is the amount or intensity of the color, or what Bob Argo calls “juiciness”. Stones fetching higher prices are medium to dark but not too dark, slightly reddish purple and highly saturated. However, some prefer the lighter, more delicate pastels, which are very lovely in their own right.


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Victorian Jewelry Symbolism

The Victorian Era

If the Victorians were anything, they were thoughtful and symbolic. Every action and image had its place in sending a message. When courting a woman, a young man would have gone through a series of small trials before even sitting in the same room with a woman and her chaperone. We’ve departed from some of these customs, but some things never fade.

Victorian Era Courtship


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The Vintage Advantage: 5 Reasons To Wear Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Pearl RingsVintage jewelry is timeless and beautiful. In the fast paced and heavily manufactured world we live in, it’s no wonder we search for pieces of authenticity and meaning. Gorgeous objects from long ago speak to us of past loves, struggles and triumphs, and enduring value.

Though vintage jewelry has a definite aura of substance, it can also be fun and whimsical. When we rediscover it, it becomes new again! Here are the top 5 reasons we love vintage:


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Vintage Jewelry Spotlight: Retro Jewelry

Authentic retro jewelry is jewelry from about 1945-1960. Jewelry from this time period was inspired by the ostentatious style of Hollywood and was colorful, bold, and elaborate. The most common types of jewelry from this time period were large cocktail rings, bracelets, earrings, watches, brooches, necklaces and charm bracelets. The surge in popularity of retro jewelry can, in part, be attributed to the success of shows like Mad Men and icons of ‘50s style such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.




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36 Questions to Ask When Insuring Your Jewelry

Here are 36 Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent 

1. What kinds of jewelry insurance are there?

2. Is my policy all risk?

3. Against what risks is unscheduled jewelry protected?

4. Against what risks is scheduled jewelry protected?

5. What risks are not covered?

6. What is the cost per thousand for full coverage?

7. What is the cost per thousand for partial coverage?

8. What are the limitations of partial coverage?

9. What is the deductible?

10. How much can I lower my premium by increasing my deductible?

11. What security precautions are required?

12. How much can I lower my premium by increasing precautions? (home security systems, special door locks, fire detectors, fireproof in-house safe, items stored in safety deposit box, etc.)

13. What proof is needed to justify a claim?

14. Am I still covered if there is negligence or carelessness?

15. Can I opt for cash instead of replacement?

16. Is cash out for full value? If not, how is it determined?

17. Is depreciation imposed? When, how and to what is it computed?

18. What types of property are not covered?

19. What exclusions are there?

20. Who is covered?

21. What is the difference in limitation between jewelry and silverware?

22. Can I replace a damaged piece or am I limited to repair?

23. What geographical limitations are there to my coverage? Is my children’s jewelry covered for the same risks when they are not at home? (college, summer job, travel in country, travel out of country, etc.)

24. What is coverage if an item is lost, stolen, or damaged while in another’s possession?

25. What is coverage if part of an item is lost, stolen, or damaged in another’s possession?

26. If I lose part of a set is coverage for full value or limited to the percentage of loss?

27. Is an appraisal needed for full coverage?

28. How often should an appraisal be updated?

29. Am I limited to the appraised replacement value if there has been an increase or is coverage for full replacement value at time of loss?

30. How is value determined if an item is irreplaceable?

31. Do any circumstances void my coverage? (flood, lightning, war, nuclear disaster, fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, etc.)

32. Can I use my jeweler for replacement?

33. Can I verify proper replacement with my jeweler if an insurance company source makes the replacement?

34. Will my claim and the replacement value be more readily accepted if an AGS Jeweler, Certified Gemologist, Certified Gemologist Appraiser does the appraisal?

35. If I have a lab report or laser identification on my diamond or gem will it enhance my coverage or improve my premium?

36. What is the actual language in the policy for each concern I’ve expressed?

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