Dating in the City: An Interview With Nicci Sprouse-Grosso

Too often in the jewelry business we speak about those that are in love and ready to make big commitments, like engagements and celebrating milestone anniversaries. However, many of our customers are independent women who are making self purchases,  and some of those women are in relationships, but many are not. Our customers are the CEO’s of businesses, volunteers of local organizations, moms showing their daughters what it is like to be a confident woman and so much more. The point is, our customers are mainly women in diverse situations all with a common bond of individual style.

So, this Valentine’s we thought it might be interesting to share a different spin on love. Just like our customers have different stories, so do their dating experiences. We have seen and heard enough love stories to know many things work in finding the right person and if your heart is ready, there is someone out there for everyone. And if you choose to not find that person that’s ok too. Love comes in many different forms including things we are passionate about. Just be you and be happy.

But for those looking for a new way of dating, we interviewed someone we thought had a really interesting story and professional background in connecting love matches.

Meet Nicci Sprouse-Grosso.

She has a great love story of her own, years of executive matchmaking experience and a new venture with her husband which is a social club for singles.

Nicci Sprouse-Grosso trying on her favorite Argo Lehne jewels.

About Nicci

Nicci is a breath of fresh air and genuinely interested in people. When she asks you a question, she’s the type of person who really listens. She connects on a deeper level and makes everyone feel at home. She’s gathered years of experience as a relationship and industry expert, bringing Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh personalized matchmaking services and dating philosophies. In fact, WSYX ABC6 / FOX28 and 614 Magazine are calling her, “Columbus’s Executive Matchmaker.”

We’ve all heard the question before, “Where do I meet quality singles?” Wouldn’t it be nice to have your date pre-vetted so you knew you were in fact dating someone who passed a background check and had been approved by a professional service? Well, that is exactly what Nicci and husband, Derek Grosso have done with their latest business venture, Second Date Social, a Columbus members-only destination social club for singles.

And speaking of a perfect match, it was only a matter of time that this dynamic duo’s paths would collide. An executive matchmaker and go-getter meets Derek Grosso, entrepreneur, CEO of Columbus Young Professionals and ultimate networker. Both have spent years networking and connecting people primarily in the Columbus area. It only makes sense they would ultimately find each other, love and in addition, a great business relationship while creating a company based on connecting individuals on a path of  life, learning, and love.


Nicci Sprouse-Grosso and Derek Grosso, co-owners of Second Date Social.

About Second Date Social

If you are out there thinking where is my match and have tried other methods that haven’t worked, you may find their new approach appealing. As a member of Second Date Social you have access to their exclusive downtown lounge and event space. Members pay either a monthly or annual fee and with that they hope their members’ intentions are more sincere. As mentioned previously, their members must pass a background check and although this may sound severe, it really is one of those things that can make you feel a bit more at ease when you are sitting across from a potential suitor. What I believe would be a huge perk is the numerous workshops offered, to include sports and activities but also workshops on healthy relationships. I really like the idea of one being able to find someone who is invested in growth and understanding a relationship takes hard work.  After all, love is generally just the beginning and it’s like-mindedness and dedication to the relationship that really keeps it going.

The A-List

If discretion is important to you, you may be interested in learning about Nicci’s executive matchmaking service, A-List Introductions. Her clientele consists of Execs, CEOs, Attorneys, Physicians, etc. They are successful, cultured and anonymity as well as time is of the utmost importance. This allows her clients to focus on their professional career while A-List concentrates on their personal lives. She has narrowed her clientele to solely men with a fee of $10,000. Women are able to reach out to be on the list of eligible dates and there is no fee.
The first step is to schedule a free one-on-one meeting with Nicci to explore mutual fit and go through A-List’s ‘Partner Vision’ interview.
A-List Introductions: 614-887-7820 or
Learn more at

So, What Are You Doing This Valentine’s Day?

Whether you are going out with friends, your main squeeze or out to meet new people, we hope you sparkle from the inside out!

We wish you the happiest of Valentine’s Day and all the love in the world!

If you are searching for the perfect gift for your loved one, of course we have the gift. Visit our Valentine’s Gift Guide for inspiration. 

Love in C-bus…Celebrate – Love – Enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day to All!