Engagement Ring Styles 101

Photo by Irene Furlan from Pexels.

Engagement rings have long held an esteemed place in society, giving lovers a romantic way to display their love and commitment to each other for a lifetime.  When your darling’s magical moment comes, be sure to know just how to dazzle her and make her sparkle. We will go over all the need to know basics to get you started on your path to finding the perfect ring.

Where to Begin

As we discuss many elements of style, remember there is no clear cut place to start as far as selecting an engagement ring, except for relaying to the jeweler the absolute no’s or yes’s. Both are very useful to get to the ultimate goal of the perfect ring. Another insider tip is to not limit yourself to what is available in front of you in the store. Take your time in selecting the different components you like. For example, don’t select stone type based solely upon engagement mounting availability or vice versa, selecting an engagement mounting because it has the stone shape you are interested in. At our showroom just about anything is possible. Many of the mountings we have can be ordered in a variety of metals and can hold different stone shapes and sizes. We are also able to custom design options that may not be readily available. And not to worry, we will help you from start to finish.


Here are some gemstone shapes that are sure to make her smile and are some of our most requested.

  • Round – This style is the go-to diamond known for its sparkle – as it is cut to catch a spectacular reflection. If you are at a loss, this is a safe classic choice. 
  • Cushion-Cut – For a vintage look, you may opt for the cushion cut. This shape is square with rounded edges, almost a pillowed look, hence the name.
  • Oval – These stunning stones have an elongated shape that makes them appear larger than they are. When faceted in the brilliant style, their fire can rival the round cut. We love this cut for its brilliance and understated elegance. An oval can look great as a stand alone in a solitaire and also with accented diamonds. The choice is yours. 
  • Emerald – If you are looking for something unique but still a classic, try an emerald cut diamond. It is easily identified with its rectangular shape and step cut facets. It’s a lovely selection as it is unconventional yet timeless.

Although, round, cushion and oval are the most popular, we understand that everyone has their own style and here are some other beautiful selections.

Metal Type & Color

Most brides to be have an idea of what metal color they are after. The choices are a silver color (generally white gold or platinum), yellow gold, rose gold or even a combination of these colors (two-toned). The best way to know what looks good with her skin tone is to try different metals on and see what suits her. The color of the metals are created from the different alloys that are combined with the metal. For example, rose gold is mixed with copper to give the rich pinkish rose coloring. With all decisions there will be pros and cons to each metal type which we will briefly touch upon. White gold is a durable metal due to the strong alloys mixed with the gold to create the white finish and can also be a cost approachable option. It is rhodium plated which will eventually wear with time. The ring can easily be brought back to its original brightness by having it re-rhodium plated. Platinum is a great option as it is a highly durable metal. It will stand the test of time but it can be more costly than other options. Rose gold is a beautiful rich color and doesn’t patina or change color over time. It is not the perfect color for all skin types and it is a softer metal. Yellow gold is another lovely color option and is the most friendly of the three golds for those who have allergic reactions to certain metals. All are beautiful options and if well maintained will last a lifetime.


Settings and Design Styles

  • Solitaire – This is one of the most popular styles of engagement rings.  It has a classic, thin or thick band made of metal that holds the stone you choose with either prongs or a bezel setting. The prongs can be flat, round, or v-shaped. A bezel is metal that goes around the stone holding it in place. There are other options and details such as half bezel and milgrain bezel, a vintage style detail that elegantly highlights the setting with small beads of metal.

    Pictured above a 4 prong solitaire and below a half bezel solitaire.




  • Accent Stones – We are seeing a delicate band with accent stones on the side in every metal and color. It has the classic look of the solitaire with a pop of sparkle on the side shank. The accent stones can be set in a higher profile like a cathedral setting or a non-cathedral setting. On the left is a yellow gold cathedral setting where the diamonds come up the side towards the diamond and on the right is a non-cathedral setting with a different style accent stones.

  • Halo – This style is rising in popularity; the center diamond is encircled with other smaller diamonds, forming a circle around it. The smaller diamonds can also wrap around the shank, the portion that wraps around the finger.  We are also seeing many halos encompassing the center stone that are slightly different by adding compass points to the circle or different shaped stones. Featured is a double halo. There are many halo variants that can be explored. 

  • Three stone rings – This style has multiple stones that accent the main stone. Typically, they are the same shape as the main stone but are smaller in size.

  • Vintage and Vintage Style – As one of the largest selections of vintage rings in Columbus we suggest taking a peak at some of our beautiful collection. We love the details such as filigree, milgrain, hand engraving and all the fine vintage details. There are many styles and eras to chose from and also modern rings that have that romantic vintage feel.

  • Low-Profile – You may or may not have heard this terminology before but women are requesting this more than we have seen in past. Perhaps, the modern woman wants something that is just a little more practical for her day to day look and we have options. Obviously, the ring can only be as low as the diamond will allow but a rose cut diamond, a shallower style cut, can allow for an even lower profile.

Alternative Gemstones

The beauty of today’s world is you don’t need to follow any rule, other than the one that makes you/her happiest. A diamond has been a long time tradition in engagement gifting and a great option as it has a hardness rating of 10 and resists scratches better than any other gemstone. Though, if a colored gemstone is what you are after, we say “yes”! There are some beautiful colors and wonderful alternatives to diamonds. Everyone is different and so should their rings be. If you choose to incorporate colored gemstones in your ring it can be placed with accent stones, as the center stone or later in a wedding band to compliment the engagement ring.

These basics will get you started on your hunt for the ring she’s always dreamed of. Once you narrow down some of these features, you can begin viewing various rings within your criteria.  And, you are one step closer to happily ever after. To begin your search, view our Engagement RingsVintage Engagement Rings collections. When you are ready we are here to help either virtually or in-store. Contact us and we can schedule an appointment or just stop in at your convenience. Appointments are not required.