The Personalized Touch of Engraved Gifts


Engravable Gifts at Argo & Lehne Jewelers

When looking for a gift that shows thoughtfulness and personalization, consider engraving. It’s that extra touch that makes the recipient feel appreciated. Create a keepsake or an heirloom.

How to Decide…Machine Engraving or Hand Engraving?

So, you found the perfect gift and now you’re ready to make it even more special by personalizing it with engraving.  Of course there are decisions such as font style and the perfect message; however, how do you choose machine vs hand engraving?

For starters, hand engraving is absolutely gorgeous! If you have selected a piece that is meant to be an heirloom I can’t recommend enough: hand engraving. When side by side with a machine engraved piece you can really see the difference. Hand engraving is an art. The etching is far deeper than machine engraving and therefore will last much longer. Machine engraving outlines the letter, while hand engraving carves into the entire letter (almost scooping the metal out). This can create a very reflective and eye catching surface. With hand engraving, you are also able to make justifications and flexibility to the font and its spacing. This is much more difficult to do with machine.

Hand versus Machine Engraving

Pictured: hand engraved yellow gold disc charm, left. Machine engraved sterling porringer, right.

Another instance where I highly recommend hand engraving is when a customer comes in with a vintage engagement ring and is looking for a matching wedding band. We have created the most stunning vintage style wedding bands that have looked as if they were always the matching set. This can be done by recreating the hand engraving of the vintage ring onto the custom designed wedding band and also by adding hand engraving to both the old vintage band and the new band. The results are incredible!

Vintage, Hand-Engraved Wedding Ring

A&L vintage ring with two new custom-made contoured diamond and hand engraved wedding bands.

So why doesn’t everyone choose hand engraving?! The reason would probably be one of three:

  • The customer didn’t know it was an option.
  • Cost: It is an art and is not an inexpensive process.
  • Timing: Hand engraving can’t be completed in a few days.

Machine Engraving also has its place and can be very beautiful. For less expensive pieces where it wouldn’t make sense to invest in the artisanal cost of hand engraving or perhaps, when you need a quick turn around, machine engraving is a great alternative.

There also may be times where you want that “exact” machine engraved look with evenly spaced lettering, such as the inside of a ring. Our machine engraver can also take a drawing or a hand written message and replicate it exactly. We’ve had a daughter take a note that her recently passed father had signed and were able to recreate it exactly in his hand writing on her pendant. It was such a simple yet sentimental piece. She absolutely adored it!

Engraving Ideas

Argo & Lehne has always been a great resource for gift ideas. I’ve included below a few of our most popular engravable gift ideas for every person in your life.

  • Silver Spoons and Baby Cups are a brilliant way to celebrate new births.
  • Kentucky Julep Cup is a great gift for those who love to entertain.
  • Jefferson Cup is a classic choice for groomsman, corporate awards and anniversaries. Always a nod to vintage charm due to its creator, Thomas Jefferson. 
  • Pewter Flask, a perfect gift for a groomsman and a wonderful way to commemorate your big day.
  • Picture frames used for many occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, birth records and baptisms.
  • Pewter boxes, buckles
  • Bangle bracelets and cuffs have always been a tradition for high school and college graduation.
  • Signet rings are a timeless piece destined for heirloom status.
  • Custom hand engraved wedding bands are an excellent way to make a seamless match to an orphaned vintage engagement ring.
  • Holiday ornaments have been an A&L tradition for years. Great gifts for Baby’s First Christmas and Weddings.

Engraving Fonts

Certain items’ shapes lend themselves to specific style fonts and monograms. For example, a circular box looks fabulous with a circular monogram. The easiest way to decide is to speak with one of our experienced sales associates. They will assist in finding the perfect font for the proper gift and recipient.

No matter which engraving method, font or style you choose there is something so touching to receive a gift so personalized and thoughtful. View our suggested engravable gift ideas here.

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