Gemstone Roundtable – Luxury by Leonardo

What is a Gemstone Roundtable?

A gemstone roundtable is an exclusive event for gemstone loving customers.  It is an intimate group of just 8 – 12 customers seeking the most beautiful gemstones with which they may later create a stunning piece of jewelry. We will have sales associates at the ready to discuss possible designs and answer any of your questions. Presenting the roundtable is Italian designer and gem aficionado, Leonardo from Luxury by Leonardo. He will curate specific gemstones sought out by individual guests as well as many jaw dropping one of a kind and highly desired colored gemstones.  Be prepared to have a fun and educational evening while quenching your aesthetic thirst for juicy gemstones.

October 12, 6-8pm

Drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres will be provided.

About the Designer – Leonardo

Where to begin?! Leonardo has been in the gem and jewelry industry for as long as he can remember. He was 8 years old when his father first introduced him to a parcel of rubies. Which equates to about 4 decades of involvement in jewelry design and gem dealing. Leonardo was raised in Milan, Italy and moved to NY in the early 90’s.

Leonardo has always been driven by an innate love of gemstones, music, art and fashion. He left his successful career at a well-known jewelry firm to follow a dream and enter a new passionate adventure. His creativity ignites through the hands of highly skilled jewelers and gemstone artisans, bringing Leonardo’s infinite and romantic imagination to life, allowing him to tell his story through his designs.
His mission is to provide affordable luxury to all the lovers of elegance, with quality jewels to be worn every day for generations to come.

Leonardo was introduced to Argo & Lehne in 2021. It was an instant connection for us. With Argo & Lehne being in the industry for 100 years we set the bar high for quality and aesthetics. We search high and low for suppliers with fabulous color and exceptional craftsmanship. As we viewed the gemstones and metal work of Luxury by Leonardo coupled with his charismatic nature we just had a hunch that it would be a lasting relationship. We are delighted to introduce him to our customers and share such a special evening under the Argo chandelier.


“The ability to produce an object d’art from a glimpse of imagination is what makes us special as human beings. I love to bring happiness to people whether in the form of music or fine crafted jewelry. To me, jewelry making is a combination of musical notes and gemstones which provides the wearer with a harmonious union of pleasure” – Leonardo


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Limited Attendees – 12 guest maximum. Call Eve at 614-457-6261 or email

How the Roundtable Works?

All guests are seated at a communal table with Leonardo at one end and the jeweler at the other end. The jeweler introduces Leonardo and the jeweler’s assistants. Then, Leonardo explains the rules of the showing.

Leonardo will be passing some 500 gem parcel papers with gemstones of a wide variety of colors, prices and cuts.  Each person has the ability to inspect each gem and place it on their hand and read the information on the parcel paper. Then pass it on to the next guest.

After looking at a gemstone you have the right to place a “dib” (hold) on the gem before passing it to the next gem lover. This is done verbally and repeated by the jeweler’s assistants. Other gem lovers may also place “dibs” on the same gem as it is past around the table. “Dibs” will be written down by the jeweler’s assistant with a clipboard after which the assistant will repeat out loud the customer’s name and that he/she has placed a dib on gemstone number _?_.

After each gemstone has been passed around the table for all to see, the jeweler’s assistants will place the gem in front of the first “dibber.”

Once all gems have been passed and the jeweler’s assistants have a written list of all the “dibs.” Each customer reviews the gemstone in front of them and makes a determination as to which ones they will purchase. They will then call a jeweler’s assistant and hand over any gems they do not care to purchase. The assistant then hands the gemstone to the second dibber and so on down the line. This way each gem lover can decide which gems they want to take home. They can further discuss the gems with Leonardo or someone from the Argo team.