Inside Argo’s: Dion Utt

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Who is Dion Utt?

an adventurer at heart who values people, places, and a great story.

Dion’s Position:

Design & Sales Consultant. Dion began with Argo & Lehne Jewelers in March of this year. Dion is a graduate of CCAD (Columbus College of Art and Design) with a Fine Art major and an Art History minor.  It was at CCAD that his interest was piqued in jewelry design. After college, he continued a path of jewelry design and making at the Drouhard National Jewelers School. This industry training coupled with his artistic talent and dynamic personality make him a standout designer.

Favorite part of the job?Dion Utt - Argo & Lehne

I find it incredible when you are able to share a beautiful moment with someone you’ve worked with. When you bring an item to someone and watch how their eyes widen and sincere joy coming over them. Seeing an uncle who gives a niece a single pearl every year or the lady who sees the drawing of her mother’s ring that’s been lost for years is the best feeling. Bringing joy to people and helping them is my favorite part.

When you aren’t at Argo’s?

I love to cook and play board games. Some of my most memorable moments in my life were spent in a kitchen listening to my friends banter back and forth while setting up a game to play. The same group of friends is also my hiking partners! We try to travel together so they go climbing and I can cook meals for the whole lot of them.

How do you sparkle?

I don’t wear as much jewelry as you would expect a jeweler to wear, so I might have to say my constant optimism. I am generally a very happy and excitable person!

Why Argo’s?

Argo & Lehne Jewelers puts people ahead of everything else. When learning about the store and how it fit into Columbus’ history, I noticed right away that the Argos’ want to make sure that every person that enters the store is taken care of in a warm and welcoming way.

Lion Cuff Links - Argo & Lehne Favorite Argo & Lehne piece?

The Lobster Pendant or the Lion Cuff Links

Do you have a signature piece?

I wear my Fossil Skeleton watch every day! It really helps when I’m explaining how a mechanical watch works.

Local Hot Spots?

Barley’s Brewing Company in the Short North. I think I spend more time there than my home!

Barley's Brew Pub