Inside Argo’s: Glenda Argo

Who is Glenda Argo?

A country girl at heart, I love family, children, animals and all things living and growing (except centipedes).

Glenda’s Position:

Media Coordinator – main duties are marketing, particularly social media & email marketing. I also help Bob with appraisals and anything else that needs doing.

Why Argo & Lehne?

Vinnie, our controller, asked me to join the staff typing appraisals for 2 hours a day when my youngest son, Will, started school. I said yes because they were really understanding and flexible about balancing the job and parenting. Over the years I became more involved, developing a passion for jewelry and for the store. Working in the family business has been an amazing experience and I’m so grateful for it.

Favorite part of the job?

Being a part of this exceptional team.

When you aren’t at Argo’s?

My spell check wants me to say, “When aren’t you at Argo’s”! For down time, I’m outdoors gardening or walking in the neighborhood or local parks. I also binge-watch Netflix.  

How do you sparkle?

I sparkle when I hear good music or travel to wonderful places. We stumbled onto a string quintet concert in a beautiful old church in Venice, Italy once and it was superlative – one of my best travel memories. Singing in my church choir is also a high.Gold Diamond Cross Pendant | Argo & Lehne

Favorite Argo & Lehne piece?

Rose cut diamond cross.

Do you have a signature piece?

My Mom’s locket with her monogram, given to her by us in 1981.

Monogram Necklace | Argo & Lehne

Local Hot Spot

Love restaurants, so it’s hard to pick one or even a few. We frequent both Houlihan’s and Caffé DaVinci a lot because they’re handy and very good. Also Cuco’s Taqueria for Mexican, Pacific Eatery for Chinese and Aab India for Indian.

Houlihan's Columbus Ohio Restaurant

Houlihan’s, located just across from A&L, convenient location and great food!