Inside Argo’s: Meet The Team & Mr. Argo’s Helpers


If you have lived in Columbus and most specifically Upper Arlington for any length of time, you may have heard of our little jewelry store, filled with diamonds, exceptional gemstones and beautiful one of a kind jewelry. You may have even heard about our phenomenal customer service, our traditional signature handmade rose gift wrap or even a story or two about Mr. Argo delivering a holiday package on Christmas Eve to someone’s home. The holiday miracles that happen in this most magical time of the year are endless & it truly is what we look forward to all year round. So, who are these elves working around the clock at Argo & Lehne Jewelers?!

Meet the team and Mr. Argo’s helpers.


Robert Argo, was sweeping the floors of the shop from a time he was a boy and his grandfather owned the store. Now, he owns the store with his wife, Glenda. Bob is our resident gemologist and mentor to all. His knowledge of gemstones is immeasurable. Not only is he smart but sweet and always looking for ways to give back! Our very own Mr. Claus if you will.


Glenda Argo, is the voice behind the store. As Media Coordinator, she writes our newsletters, contributes to our marketing and assists with all appraisals. She has a great eye for design and is a crucial part of our marketing team. It only makes sense that she also has a voice of an angel and one of her passions is singing in her church choir.
Michelle has been with Argo & Lehne for 8 years. She loves digging into the retail industry, learning all the latest trends and technology.  Her passion for jewelry & design mixed with her extensive background in business development makes her the perfect leader of our team and President of A&L. She spends her spare time with her family and attending many functions throughout the Columbus area.
Eve is a warm and kind soul who leads our team with grace as our Director of Operations. She is the newest of the management team and her expertise and extensive background in retail management, relationship building, sales, and financial planning has made for the perfect partnership, making Argo & Lehne Jewelers even more successful. She has made great strides in the short time she has been with us and we look forward to taking big steps together. She loves all things fabulous and is one exceptional mother to three adorable children.
Vinnie (pronounced VineE), began her career with A&L at the ripe age of 16 is now a mainstay of the team. She has worked for many Argo’s and it takes quite a bit for her to even miss one day of work as she takes her work seriously & is the epitome of loyalty. As our Controller she does everything from bill paying to inventory and everything in between but what she does best is keep the team and business running like a well-oiled machine. She also doesn’t forget one person’s birthday and asks us bring in treats on our special day.


Anne is always impeccably dressed and has a cult following. She has been with Argo & Lehne for 44 + years and obviously knows her stuff. If you are looking for a decisive sales associate who is able to cut through all the minutia and get right down to what you want or assist in finding a gift
guaranteed to please, look no further.
Rachel truly does make dreams come true. If you can dream it, she can make it and probably better than you even imagined. She is a true creative with great style and a beautiful feminine touch. She is a delight to work with and her enthusiasm for what she does is very contagious. Be prepared to thoroughly enjoy your experience.
Sabrina has been with the team for 6 months and is excited to be your personal shopper for the holiday season! She has a strong aptitude in design with excellent follow through. She is polite, thoughtful & sweet. There are no limits to her successful future in jewelry and we look forward to her continued growth with A&L.
Haley is the newest member or our team. However, she is not a stranger to the jewelry industry and to custom design. She comes to us with past experience of working in another fine family jewelry store. She is a delight to work with and in record time has excelled in coming up to speed with all the A&L procedures, just in time for this booming festive season!!
Janet has never met a stranger. She is an outgoing conversationalist to the core. She loves people & jewelry, a true match made in heaven for us. She has been with Argo for nearly 7 years, greets every customer with a smile and makes sure everyone leaves happy.
Sarah a resident of UA with a busy schedule juggling life as wife, mom, artist (as seen at her Art at Argo’s exhibit) and also working part-time in Grandview at Greendigs. She has a warm smile and a delightful disposition. If you don’t already know her from the area, you may just bump into her around town. With her passion for the arts and style, we cherish her design expertise, as do our customers.


Annie began with us this year and it was immediately apparent that she has eye for detail. Within days, she was looking through the microscope and pointing out the smallest intricacies. We are so pleased with her hard work as our Repair Manager, one of the most meticulous and difficult positions in the store. Did we also mention that Annie loves cleaning? If you have a repair with Argo, it’s guaranteed to sparkle when it is returned, all thanks to Annie!
Eva is an Argo and has been tinkering with jewelry for years. She is always seeking a challenge and rarely finds a task she can’t overcome. Recently, she has pushed herself to learn hand-engraving and her work is a true delight to see. We are very fortunate to have Eva as a jeweler with Argo.
Mila, the newest addition to our bench, has proven to be versatile, quick and precise with her work. She loves repairing jewelry and making things look new again, especially when there is a torch involved. She comes to us by way of Paris and now resides in the Columbus area with her husband and their toddler.
Henry has been with Argo for 3 years working on watch repairs, metal testing and a part-time apprentice to the bench jeweler. He loves music and has been dedicating much of his time to this passion. We enjoy having him at Argo and appreciate his individual style. We always look forward to his
newest hair style. We have to say, his latest is a real crowd pleaser.
Keita when she isn’t rowing down the Scioto for Upper Arlington’s crew she can often be found in our shop working on small watch repairs. She is focused and a quick study. We are so grateful that with her busy schedule with school and sports, she has time to work in our shop.