Inside Argo’s: Rachel Burazer

Who is Rachel Burazer?

Rachel recently moved back to Ohio after a decade living in Chicago. She has an eye for detail given her background in fashion design. And she is always up for a challenge!

Rachel’s position: 

Sales Associate.

Why Argo‘s?

Argo and Lehne encompasses everything that is important to me. From their longevity, family and quality jewelry, I can proudly stand behind our work and company!

Favorite part of the job?

Each day working with others to create, fix and enhance items that are special to them. Knowing that I have assisted each person in something they will have for a lifetime, makes my job very satisfying!
Also, I love trying on new pieces that sparkle from across the room!

When you aren’t at Argo’s?

I’m hanging out with my dog and cat, watching shows/documentaries and cooking lots of food!

Lily, Rachel’s adorable dog.

How do you sparkle?

By always smiling!

Favorite Argo & Lehne piece?

The detailing on the ring is so amazing! Every angle you look at this ring is just beautiful. I love mixing metals, so the two-toned metals and the pop of color with the sapphires has that WOW factor, but can still be worn daily!

Local Hot Spot? 

When I need that quick Chicago food fix I head to LOOPS in Fifth by Northwest, and when in the mood for great cocktails with dinner I head to The Guild House.