Inside Argo’s: Robert

Argo & Lehne Owner - Robert Argo

Who is Robert Argo?

Dreamer, doer, designer, thinker, tinkerer, trouble maker, entrepreneur, optimist, poet, putterer, punster, singer, sifter, cycler, recycler, composer, contrarian, curmudgeon.

Robert’s Position:

Guardedly optimistic.

What Does It Mean To Be Owner of Argo & Lehne Jeweler?

To always strive for relevance, retaining commitment to quality, service & excellence – our strengths since 1866.

Argo & Lehne Owner Robert Argo Cycling

Favorite part of the job?

Solving challenges others haven’t been able to or wouldn’t attempt. Exceeding expectations.

When you aren’t at Argo’s?

Design – landscape, architecture, art, composition.

How do you sparkle?

Cycling, hiking, singing, working out.

Favorite Argo & Lehne memory?

Store picnics at Uncle Dick’s 70 acre farm on Old Maid’s Lane in Jersey, Ohio.

Custom Signet Ring | Robert Argo

Roberts favorite signet ring his son made & his favorite A&L 3 butterfly rose gold and diamond butterfly ring.

Do you have a signature piece?

The signet ring with my initials “R A” my son Will designed and made for me.

Local Hot Spots

Colin’s coffee shop – a local treasure. Best baristas.

The Refectory Restaurant – a religious experience.

Cuco’s Taqueria – Buen provecho!

Huffman’s Market – quirky collection of comestibles you may not find elsewhere.

Labor Day Arts Festival – great combination of succinctness & range, quality & fun, music, arts, activities & eats.

Robert Argo at Upper Arlington Arts Festival

Robert at the UA Arts Festival. Left-Right: Bob Argo, Lynette Santoro-Au, UA Arts Manager, Michael Miller, Best of Show Winner, and Judges, Shayna McConville and Julie Jenkins.