2019 has been ringing in new and unique trends for the year!  From unusual diamond cuts to mixed metals, you’re sure to make a statement with these pops of colors and Boho styles! 

Fancy Diamond Cuts

Engagement rings with fancy diamond cuts have been trending with celebrities and social media.  Popular diamonds that we have been seeing are Pears, Trillions, and Marquise. These diamonds make for a unique, one of a kind ring that stands out from all of your friends’ and family’s rings!

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown diamonds have been on the rise, and more people are beginning to jump on their lower prices.  Lab-grown diamonds are ethical, eco-conscious and do not require any mining. Everything about these lab-grown diamonds is real, the only difference is that they are grown in a lab, not mined.  No one can tell the difference, because YES they are real diamonds! Have you always wanted that Two Carat diamond, but figured you could never afford it, ask about Lab Grown, you will be pleasantly surprised about what you can get for your money.

Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstone engagement rings have also been thrown into the mix this year.  Rubies and Sapphires (blue and pink sapphires) have floated to the top of this list, and have been seen on celebrities, like Katy Perry, and Gwyneth Paltrow.  This pop of color accented with diamond halos and side stones makes a statement that draws attention to the overall beauty of the ring.

Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold, is really coming back into style!  Many millennials are seeking that vintage look again.  Back in the 1900s, yellow gold was the standard for engagement rings.  But in the past recent decades, white gold & platinum have been the go-to for engagement rings.  Not anymore! Keep an eye out for the natural yellow gold engagement rings that will be sure to make your head turn.

Mixing Metals

Mixing metals in engagement and wedding bands have been on the rise, and it’s not slowing down!  There is no longer the rule that your engagement ring and wedding band must match in color or in design.  Wearing a white gold or platinum engagement ring with a rose gold wedding band has been a popular look that just gives that element of romance and surprise that many women end up loving!


With that said, many women are converting into stacking wedding bands, and “nixing” the engagement ring!  Couples are shopping together to try on stackable wedding rings. They get to play with the color or metals, and how they fit aesthetically.  Guys get quite a break here, as the women pick out the stack she wants, and the guy doesn’t have to do much work at all. A typical stack starts with three rings, and often times, women go for four to really show off that stacked look.  This has been popular for women who work with their hands, travel, or have never been a fan of the traditional large diamond look.


Popular design details when it comes to engagement rings are modern takes on classic looks.  Couples are getting more creative with their designs, and are trending toward distinctive halos and gallery designs, to make their ring stand out from the rest and truly be a one of a kind piece. Three stone engagement rings are popular, but with the use of a fancy shape center stone and trillions or baguettes for the side stones.  And finally delicate, asymmetrical rings are popular and tend to show off the personality of the woman.

Vintage and Vintage-Inspired

Recently, vintage rings have been in great demand, because of their unique and romantic design qualities.  From filigree, milgrain, and hand carved rings, they truly become a piece of timeless artwork.  A beautiful 100-year engagement ring has never gone out of style! We have gone crazy over this beautiful Tiffany & Co. vintage platinum ring, a perfect specimen of Art Deco.

Jewelry Accessorized

Jewelry can accessorize anything from your veil to your bouquet, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! Adding that bit of sparkle or luster in unexpected places can really polish off your theme and style! Argo & Lehne’s Something Borrowed program lets you borrow items from the store to wear on your big day if you purchase your rings from us.

Argo & Lehne always encourages individual style!

Brides are standing out more now than ever, between lacey statement sleeves and power suits/capes.  So don’t be surprised, when your friend you thought was traditional, shows up as a whole new woman. Individuality has been at an all-time high and we’re proud that women are keeping that trend going! To find your perfect style and ring visit our Bridal Collection from engagement rings to wedding bands and our not to be missed vintage engagement rings.






-written by A&L Sales Associate, Rachel Burazer.

Rachel joined us in September of 2018 from Chicago, IL, where she began her career in jewelry. She has a bachelors degree in Fashion Design from the Illinois Institute of Art and a passion for everything bridal. Whether you are looking to purchase an in-stock engagement ring, a partial custom or full custom, Rachel is up for the challenge. She enjoys getting to know her customer and matching their style and budget to their perfect ring.