Paz Collective: Our Newest Sterling Silver Collection

Paz Collective at Argo & Lehne Columbus OH

The Latest Addition to Our Silver Collection Has Arrived!

Paz Collective Logo

PAZ COLLECTIVE is a sterling silver line with fresh designs blended from the ancient cultures of Mexico and India with fashion forward roots from their home city of New York. Think bold, contemporary and fashionably artistic.

We’ve been searching for another sterling line to complement our current sterling collections from Zina Sterling and Ed Levin and PAZ has the perfect geometric and edgy vibe.

The Paz Collective Story

PAZ COLLECTIVE began as the brainchild of Judy Ganeles.  Judy began working with Mexican locals to craft sterling silver jewelry in the early 2000’s. By 2002, the blockbuster traveling show “The Mexican Silver Renaissance” opened at The San Antonio Museum of Art. The curator invited PAZ to provide all of the jewelry for the gift shops in conjunction with the exhibit.Judy Ganeles of Paz Collective

PAZ’s business continued to soar as did silver prices. So, in 2011 they expanded their workshops to another favorite location of Judy’s: Jaipur, India and began designing new pieces with bold, eye-catching gemstones.

PAZ COLLECTIVE continues to design quality jewelry for the hip, romantic, and daring woman, while staying committed to the principles of Fair Trade.  Designs are featured prominently in museum gift shops, boutiques and now exclusively in Columbus at Argo & Lehne Jewelers.

Every season promises a fresh collection of inspiring sterling silver pieces that are modern, daring, inventive, and luxurious.

Visit our website to view our current selection of PAZ COLLECTIVE‘s sleek, modern and elegantly linear styles.  To see the full collection, stop into our showroom!

paz collective

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