Local, Arts, Jewelry: The Argo & Lehne Mission

Local, Arts and Jewelry Just Make Sense To Us

It’s who we have been for years and it’s the glue that attracts both our team and our customers to Argo & Lehne Jewelers.

Our mission is to connect our customers with products that are as unique and one of a kind as they are.


It’s easy to go to the chain jewelry store and find that exact look alike piece that you saw your friend wearing, but we want you to find that piece of jewelry that defines your style. We do this by hand selecting our manufacturers. We often choose smaller brands which have convictions similar to ours and when possible, we like to give our business to local brands.

By not using the larger brands, we also have more flexibility in the way we do business. We are able to oversee the quality of the product more closely and negotiate better terms, ultimately creating better prices and distinct designs for you, our customer.

Another way in which we are able to provide the individuality you are looking for in a piece is by selling vintage. All of us at Argo & Lehne adore vintage and it shows. We have been working in estate jewelry for many years and have established relationships with estate buyers in New York and beyond to find the most well-crafted and beautifully preserved vintage jewelry.

cleaning and repairPerhaps, you’ve been pinning many designs but just can’t find the exact piece. We also have a custom design team that are able to sit down, sketch and create that piece you’ve always dreamed of, using the components you desire with your own signature look. We’re making Art here!

However, jewelry is just the beginning…we also carry unique products such as locally handcrafted pens and razors all the way to local paintings and sculptures. To us, it feels like an extension of jewelry – luxury goods of the finest quality created with a passionate and delicate hand.

We are modern artisans, fiercely dedicated to quality, individual style, and genuine relationships with our customers.

This year we also launched Art at Argo’s, a rotating quarterly exhibition of local Columbus artists. We hand select these artists and their work in the hopes they are able to utilize our space and customer list as a springboard in their creative careers. We understand local from experience and when possible we reach out and promote Columbus. Our goal is to continue to strengthen the economic base of this amazing community we call home!

We are a local business, located in a familiar and convenient neighborhood setting.

We have been many local Columbus and specifically Upper Arlington families’ jeweler for years. To be able to grow with our clients and see the many generations of their family come to us for all their special occasions is why we are here. To also be invited to these occasions is a feeling that is overwhelmingly wonderful. If it weren’t for this devotion to Argo & Lehne, we never would have made it through the difficult years and be able to say we have been in business in Columbus for over 100 years.

However, if we weren’t part of the Columbus community and authentically passionate about the groups we are part of, we also wouldn’t be where we are today. Robert Argo, our owner, is a UA Rotarian. He, his cousin Richard, and his father William have all been Rotary members for years. If you have ever been to the Labor Day Arts Festival in UA, you may have noticed we sponsor the event because our passion for the arts and UA – what better combination?

Also dedicated to the community and arts is Michelle Berger, President of Agro & Lehne. She is a member of the Columbus Museum of Art Women’s Board and last year chaired the Holiday Sparkle Party to raise money for the UA Women’s Club scholarship fund and money towards the new wing at the Columbus Museum of Art.

13418739_1325556327457888_7833626346062086616_nSo, it’s as simple as that. We are a local jeweler who understands the importance of community, we sell products that we are moved by because of their uniqueness and artistry while delivering a buying experience that cannot be found elsewhere-just like our jewelry.