Love Endures – A Pandemic Proposal Story

One thing we have learned through the pandemic is it can’t stop love! We have seen an increase in bridal sales this year and last. Has this virus actually pulled couples closer? Perhaps, it has taught us what or who is most important in our lives. Whatever it is we are grateful and we love sharing our customers stories of what a pandemic proposal and wedding looks like. We will be bringing you a few customers stories in our pandemic wedding and proposal series. Each story is unique and guaranteed to delight. I have to say, I think all the couples have navigated through this crazy time gracefully.  See for yourselves with their heartfelt stories.  Maybe even collect a few ideas for your own proposal. Let us introduce our first couple…


Proposal: January 1, 2021 at midnight.

(Colleen and Ethan started dating in March 2020, at the onset of Covid outbreak in Ohio.)
Ethan, how does one manage dating and getting to know someone during a pandemic?
I definitely found that we were able to develop our relationship deeply during the pandemic. Once we figured out how we both felt safe within the new COVID guidelines in the spring, we began to spend a lot of time together. We spent many evenings together at our favorite beer patio, and we got outside to bike, hike, and run as much as possible. We limited our social circle quite a bit to protect our families, so much of our social time in 2020 involved being with family and being together as a couple. We have faced major changes in the social politics of the life that we are accustomed to. We learned about each other like any new couple does, but we also faced some major changes together in our first year as a couple. I think from the beginning of the COVID outbreak we both knew we were making a commitment to support each other. By the fall Colleen and I really felt that we were meant to get married! And to me it didn’t make sense to wait much longer for a proposal. Colleen and I made the most of 2020 for ourselves and I wanted to celebrate us at the end of the year. Plus, she had been painting her nails every-other day since we came to look at rings in October haha!
How did you select Argo & Lehne Jewelers?
Ethan: I heard of Argo Lehne through my mother. She told me that my cousin had a good experience with the jewelers at your store when he got engaged 7 years ago. My best friend has also been to your shop for jewelry. He spoke fondly of his experience too.
Did you feel confident in selecting the perfect engagement ring for Colleen?
Ethan: I did feel confident in my selection for Colleen, even before she came with me to the showroom. I partially owe that to Michelle & Casey at A&L. You were very helpful in guiding me through the various steps of seeking and selection. And you also helped me think about what information I needed to get from Colleen to aid in my decision! I was certain she would love whatever I picked for her, and you helped me feel sure that the exact items we selected match her. I was very impressed that you were able to guide me to that conclusion so easily. And you were so friendly too!
I knew that I wanted the ring to be mixed metals and was leaning towards rose gold and  I also wanted to stack more than one ring together. I wasn’t sure exactly what that looked like until we found in the showroom the yellow gold band. It reminded me of the style of a ring that Colleen already wore that I was certain she loved. But to be completely sure, I had Colleen come to the store with me. I told her we were just looking at rings and Michelle played along acted as we had never met. She gravitated towards the rings I selected and at that moment I knew I had the right rings.

the yellow gold v-shaped band which accompanies the rose gold diamond solitaire.

Colleen, tell us about the proposal?
Ethan surprised me with a New Year’s proposal right at midnight! Due to COVID, we had a night-in together and got dressed up to drink cocktails and just celebrate together. We had our own little dance party in the living room and watched the ball drop. We kissed at midnight, and when I opened my eyes, he was holding a ring box! Even though marriage/engagement was something we regularly discussed, and I knew would be coming soon (he was dropping some major hints!), it was still so exciting and surreal when the moment actually came!
Ethan was very thoughtful throughout this process. He contacted my parents to borrow one of my grandpa’s ties to wear when he proposed. We lost my grandpa earlier in 2020, and it was such a special touch for me and my family to include him in the proposal! 
I loved that the moment was just between us, New Year’s Eve will always be special to us from now on. After we Facetimed all our family and close friends, our parents miraculously threw together a mini engagement party with just a few hours’ notice on New Year’s Day. It was fun to have a little masked celebration with our immediate families while the surprise of the engagement was very fresh!

Do you plan on waiting to get married until after the pandemic or during? 

Colleen: We plan on waiting until Fall of 2022, hoping that the pandemic will be over or much better by then! We really want to be able to safely celebrate with our family and friends.

Tell us about the Ring!!

Colleen: We haven’t gotten wedding bands yet, but I do have two rings that stack together for my engagement ring. They are so gorgeous and unique; I love how they complement each other, and that Ethan chose a mixed metal combination. I particularly love the milgrain on one of my rings, it has a vintage look and reminds me of lace! 

Do you have any advice for others getting married or planning a proposal during the pandemic?

Colleen: Ethan and I decided we didn’t want to put our engagement on hold until the pandemic ends. We have been a little disappointed that we can’t have a big engagement party or celebrate with friends, but we knew that we didn’t want to wait to get engaged and have had a lot of quality time just us to soak in our engagement 😊 


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