Love Stories: Margie & Bruce

A couple came into the store and told us they had been robbed. The husband told the sales associate how lucky they had been that nothing had happened to his wife and it was obvious that she is his most cherished treasure. Her wedding band was stolen, but she was left unharmed. He explains that their rings had matched and showed the associate his ring.

The intricacy of their original ring was unsurpassed by rings of current style. He gave up his ring in a showing of pure devotion that brought our staff to tears.  Our craftsmen were able to take his ring and cut it in half to make two rings and then size the second to fit. Both rings were fashioned with gold bands on each side to make them a matched pair.

Here is their story in their own words:

“When her ring was lost, she decided that it was sold, melted down and used in new wedding rings for couples just starting their journeys together in life and love. And whoever was lucky enough to receive a few grams of gold from her ring would experience the magic embedded in her ring wrought over 43 years of our joys, all of our experiences, and our triumphs over losses.”

“By separating “one ring” into two, we fell in love all over again, just as we did at first and just as we and other couples do at various times during their time together.”

“This would not have been possible without the artistry and incredible craftsmanship of Argo & Lehne Jewelers, along with their kindness and understanding of how important this was to us. We have decided, upon our deaths, to will our two rings to Argo & Lehne so that they may melt them down and perform, once again, their magic for our descendants in creating new masterpieces of love and longevity.”

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Here is a couple who literally “banded together” in a time of need.