The Proposal: 3 Stories

One thing we just love about our business is being a part of “the proposal”! It’s a huge moment in peoples’ lives. And it’s filled with love, joy, excitement, drama and even suspense. We feel privileged to help make it easy and amazing for our customers. Here are a few heartwarming stories from them:

Mike & Katherine

“Mike and I met in the summer of 2010 through mutual friends. I attended college at DePauw University in Greencastle, IN and Mike was a student at OSU. We did long distance for 3 years until we both graduated and I moved back to Columbus.

“We met Dion through friends and when we began thinking about engagement, we knew we wanted to work with him. His passion for his work is infectious and made the experience so special. I expected the custom design process to be overwhelming, but with Dion it was stress-free and fun!

“This past December, while on vacation in Hawaii, Mike proposed. He confessed to me afterward that he had been carrying the ring around the past 2 days, but something always got in the way. In the end, a courtyard with a huge banyan tree lit up in red, green and white lights was the backdrop to the perfect moment.”


Morgan & Laura

“Argo and Lehne was my first stop when I started to search for someone to make a custom engagement ring for my girlfriend. The staff was very friendly and Bob, the gemologist, spent more than an hour answering my questions about gemstone quality, sourcing, pricing, and properties of emeralds and diamonds with absolutely no pressure to buy anything.  I had already made plans to travel to Italy to propose to my girlfriend and was on a tight schedule to get the ring finished on time and had a very specific vision for what I wanted for the ring.

“Dion worked very diligently with me to realize my design of interlocking engagement ring and wedding band. He not only worked with me in the shop on designs but emailed me numerous sketches to get the ring just right.  Unfortunately, due to time restraints, we weren’t quite able to complete the ring before I flew off to Italy. However, in the very definition of service, Dick rushed to have a wax of the ring completed the night before my flight, with the actual gemstone set in it, and hand delivered it to me at work the next morning! I proposed on a balcony overlooking the gorgeous Sardinian countryside and my fiancée loves her ring.

“The ring turned out exactly how I imagined. I can’t recommend Argo and Lehne enough!”


Michael & Stefany

“While Stefany and I are many things, traditional isn’t exactly high on that list. We are a blended family of six. Palmer and Aiden are both 2, Paisley is 3, and the Queen Bee, Layla, turned 5 in October.

“Traditionally, the groom-to-be looks to his future bride’s father for permission. Well, I looked to my future bride’s five-year-old daughter. As Layla is in charge of most of our weekend itineraries and very used to a world that mainly included Layla, Aiden, and Mommy, it was obvious to me that she would be involved in our engagement.

“Stefany and I had discussed marriage, agreed that engagement was in the picture for us, but had not discussed ring shopping. I had an inkling of the style she wanted from photos she had pointed out but these rings cost more than my small Upper Arlington home! I was lost. And for the record, I wasn’t shopping with a home buyer’s budget.

“I had visited various stores, names I’ve heard on the radio and catchy phrases from TV commercials, but was still confused and unsure. After my first conversation with Michelle at A&L, I knew I had found the place, just not the ring yet. Michelle promised she knew exactly what I was looking for, and went to work. Fast forward two days and she had three diamonds lined up, one of which I knew belonged nowhere but Stefany’s hand. To add a touch of tradition to our otherwise unconventional lives, Michelle found me the perfect, classic solitaire setting that would not overwhelm Stefany’s small (size 4.25) hand, while drawing all of the focus to the beautiful stone.

“All that was left was to ask Layla’s permission, after dinner at home, to spend the rest of my life with her and her family. There may have been a small negotiation involving regularity of candy provisions while Mommy isn’t looking, to which I eagerly agreed (while laughing). Stefany threw the box across the table and told me to “Shut up,” saying that I was obviously messing with her. I’m still unsure whether she ever said yes, but she’s wearing the ring and we’re working with an architect to expand my two bedroom home, so I think I’m safe!

“I can’t thank Michelle enough for taking my clouded vision and making a brilliant reality! We will be back soon!”