Protect Your Precious Jewels

Something beautiful and sparkly has come into your life – maybe the pair of sapphire earrings you got forProtecting Precious Jewelry Christmas, Grandma’s vintage diamond pendant or that diamond engagement ring you’ve been waiting for! Now you are thinking – how do I protect my new jewelry, which is as valuable as it is beautiful? For your peace of mind, we suggest the following:

  • Get an Insurance Appraisal to establish your treasure’s value and record its qualities. Argo & Lehne Jewelers provides complete insurance or estate appraisal services and complimentary appraisals with purchases. Consider appraising anything valued at $1,000 or more, or that is personally significant or irreplaceable. We recommend you update your appraisal every five years. Our accreditation with the American Gem Society assures you of the highest ethical and gemological standards and will ensure that your document is widely accepted throughout the insurance industry.


  • Insure it Against Loss, Theft and Damage. While you can usually add it to your homeowner’s policy, you might consider a jewelry specialist such as Jeweler’s Mutual. We like that they insure for something called “disappearance” – when you don’t know if it was stolen or lost, but you look for it one day and it’s just not there! They also allow you to choose who replaces your item and cover some preventative maintenance. Premiums are comparable to your homeowner’s insurance.
  • Learn the Best Way to Clean, Store and Care for Your Jewelry. For example, pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off, and then gently wiped cleaned with a soft cloth before storing them, never in an airtight bag. Some metals are damaged by repeated exposure to chlorine. Read this American Gem Trade Association article on gemstone care.

Storing Precious Gems

  • Invest in Regular Professional Cleanings. Come in every six months to a year and we’ll professionally clean your jewelry and check your mounted gems to make sure the settings are secure. This is complimentary and often prevents the heartbreak and expense of losing a stone and having to replace it. Have you lost weight? If so a resizing might be in order to prevent the loss of your ring! See our other services to make the most of your trip to Argo and Lehne.

Professional Jewelry Cleaning

Why own a gorgeous ring or bracelet only to leave it home or in a safe-deposit box? Your beautiful, precious jewelry is created to be worn and enjoyed to the utmost! A little follow-up and care will give you lots of peace of mind!