Shannon Kelly

Written by the soon to be Groom! It all started Monday evening when I went to Shannon’s parents’ house to ask for their blessing in asking for Shannon’s hand in marriage. This went very well as I expected but I must admit I was a little nervous, I’m sure as all men have been since the beginning of time. This is also where I had to begin covering myself so that Shannon would not catch on to what I was planning. I convinced her I had left work late that evening and she had no idea that I was actually talking with her parents. Adding to the excitement of the week Tuesday evening I was offered a new position at Nationwide which I gladly accepted, Shannon and I shared in excitement and it was hard for me to keep to myself knowing even greater excitement was soon coming. I kept indicating to Shannon that I wanted snow on the ground when I eventually asked her which wasn’t true but it was the best I could come up with to throw her off the trail of my plan. I think she believed me somewhat, but the main factors helping keep my cover was her belief that I had not spoken to her parents and also the belief I did not know when I would have the ring. This brings us to Wednesday when I took the afternoon off work to go to the doctor, I also accomplish getting the supplies I needed for my proposal. I visited the park where I would be proposing and visualized how it would look. I then went to the stores and I got the supplies I needed including the candles and rose pedals. This is when the full plan took its final shape I knew exactly when, where and how I was proposing. Also on Wednesday evening I got confirmation that the ring would be ready for pick-up on Friday. So that was the last major hurdle and it was a big one, once I had that confirmation we were set for Saturday. Friday after work I went down to Argo and Lehne to pick up the ring, when I opened it and saw the ring it was beautiful and it took my breath away. Luckily for me Shannon was still very tired as was I from seeing Breaking Dawn the Twilight movie the previous evening at midnight, which lead to little sleep, Shannon was taking a nap when I got home so I snuck in and hid the ring in my suit jacket. I convinced Shannon that I had left work late again and she still didn’t suspect a thing. This brings us to the day of the proposal which we had to wake up early and drive to Dayton to see my sister graduate from Wright State. This was very nice, but it lead to more stress as we were having a Thanksgiving party later that afternoon and of course I was also proposing. I promised Shannon a couple times it would be a good and my promise came true later that evening. When we came back home from the Dayton we had a lot of work to do for the party, I helped clean and also ran many errands and I was also making the final preparations for the proposal. Our friends came over and the whole time I was looking at the time as I was getting anxious to put my plan in motion. Around 5:45 I told Shannon that Ryan and I were headed to the store to get some more beer, however I was not coming back. Ryan and I headed over to the park just a few minutes from the house; we met our friends Jared and Kelsey there and began to setup. We laid down the blanket and placed the 24 candles I had around the edge, the wind made lighting these difficult and I probably re-light each one at least three times, we also laid down the pink rose pedals. Around 6 o’clock or so Ryan headed back to the house with a letter that I had written for Shannon telling her how much I love her and to join me for some sparkle in the park. Ryan took the letter back to the house and Shannon read it and now began to realize what was happening. As they made their way over to the park my parents and her parents along with other relatives began to arrive. I had them waiting at the entrance of the park to meet Shannon there; she finally arrived along with our friends from the party. Even though it took her a second she finally realized that I was waiting for her. As she walked towards me an incredible joy came over me and everything was perfect. She hugged me with tears in her eyes and I told her how much I loved her and my desire to spend the rest of my life with her. I told her I would get to the good part and got down on one knee and asked, “Shannon Nicole Kelly Will you marry me?” She said yes making me the luckiest man in the world as she agreed to spend the rest of her life with me. Our friends and family cheered and congratulated us and we returned to party as fiancés.