Sharon Santoso and Brian Clark

Brian proposed to me on our last night in Bali, Indonesia this past January. We were there on vacation with my family. It was very special because my parents live in Indonesia while we live in Ohio, and after dating for over five years, this was Brian’s first trip to Indonesia.

Brian knew how important family is to me. He first went to my father and asked for my hand in marriage. He planned out dinner at a beach-side seafood restaurant – which almost didn’t happen because my brothers were oblivious to his plan and wanted Japanese food instead! But Brian played it cool and I had no idea.

We were seated in a secluded area of the restaurant overlooking the ocean, and after our appetizers came out Brian suddenly said, “Everyone, I have something I would like to say…” He stood up, took my hand, and had me stand next to him. Next thing I knew, he was down on one knee, opening up a ring box, proposing to me in front of my mother, father, and two younger brothers. It was so beautiful! I was so happy, and I loved that we were able to share that special moment with everyone who meant so much to me. My parents said, “we’re not losing a daughter, but we are gaining a son.”