The 2016 Winter Style Report

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls! 

They aren’t just for grannies and we are seeing them everywhere and in every size.  The traditional single strand with the little black dress will always be a classic but we are now seeing layered looks, daring sizes and edgy styles. Wear it over jean jackets, military jackets and layered over scarves.

Pearl Jewelry Columbus Oh

Left: Channel. Right: Argo & Lehne


Is it the 90’s again? No, but chokers are back and trending fast. Designers everywhere are adorning their models in short chokers of black and chrome. You’ll also notice more delicate and feminine chokers of all metals and all colors.

Chokers Columbus Oh

Left: Vogue runway. Right: Argo & Lehne vintage necklace.


Bracelets Layered Over Sleeves and Gloves.

Oh baby it’s cold outside but not too cold for bling! This seasons runway models are bundled up in thick sweaters and gloves with bracelets layered over the sleeve and even worn as high as the upper arm.

Trendy Bracelets Columbus

Left: Chanel, Lanvin, Prada . Right: Argo & Lehne sterling and diamond cuff.

Flower Trends

Flower trends are in full bloom and have invaded the fine jewelry industry.  Organic shapes, raw stones and flora/fauna motifs bring us back to the simplistic beauty of our natural surroundings.

Floral Jewelry Columbus

Left: Anna Sui, Gucci. Right: Argo & Lehne silver flower cuff and white gold, diamond and pink sapphire flower ring.



For years, brooches have been a way to enhance an outfit or give nod to a particular season or special interest. Typically worn on a lapel in yester-years we are now seeing new creative ways to wear brooches. Check out 10 Cool Ways To Wear The 2016 Trend of Brooches and visit our vintage brooches collection for unique one of a kind pieces.Brooches Columbus


Yellow Gold.

Yellow gold has had a huge comeback! It’s time to resurrect those yellow gold pieces that we stashed away during the craze of white gold. But don’t put the white away just yet. We are mixing metals in two and three toned looks. We are seeing so many more bridal customers asking once again for yellow gold engagement sets. How nice it is for all skin tones to now be able to select the perfect color for you.

Yellow Gold Jewelry Trends Columbus

Argo & Lehne yellow gold bubble ring and yellow gold/diamond vintage ring.


Layering and Stacking. 

We’ve been seeing it since 2014 and the craze continues to grow. Minimalist and more petite styles lend itself to multiples whether it’s a bracelet, necklace or ring. Keep it small and buy more!

Layered Necklaces

Argo & Lehne sterling silver layered necklaces.


Long Earrings

Long earrings are in and they are draping as long as a shoulder duster and in varied sizes, colors and symmetry. Show off that gorgeous neck and find the perfect dangle this holiday season!

Long Earrings Columbus

Argo & Lehne black onyx long dangle earrings.