The 2017 Spring Style Report

In the transformation from drab winter to the explosion of colors and shapes that is spring, we present our spring style report! Just as we never get bored with spring, we never tire of the fun of discovering new, fresh, trending fashion. Here’s what we found:


Spotted on the Spring 2017 Runway is a flashback of the punkGothic fashion that first came into vogue in the early 1980’s.  Crucifixes worn as a stand alone piece and layered in different sizes, styles and metals adorned the runway. Channeling Madonna!

Crucifix Fashion: 2017 Argo & Lehne Style Report

Long Statement Necklaces

For the past several seasons we’ve been seeing the short choker taking center stage. However, the long statement necklace has definitely made the charts this season. Photographed (center) a previously owned 80″- 18k yellow gold 6.5mm width rope chain. Pricing available upon request.

Long Statement Necklace: 2017 Argo & Lehne Style Report

Weighty Jewelry

Think 1970’s…chunky gold necklaces, thick bangles and animal themed jewelry. Photographed: Left is an original Italian Trussardi wood and silver greyhound bracelet. Right, the “doughnut” bracelet by Paz Collective in sterling silver.

Chunky Jewelry: 2017 Argo & Lehne Style Report


Colored Diamonds and Gemstones

White diamonds have been the standard for brides for ages but this year we are seeing a definite shift to more colorful diamonds such as yellow and pink. We are noticing younger buyers desiring other colored stones such as rubies and sapphires as well as even more unusual gemstones such as a cinnamon colored zircon. Illustrated below: two examples of a yellow oval diamond set in two differing styles – a traditional three stone setting and a halo setting.Colored Diamonds: 2017 Argo & Lehne Style Report

Bold Color and Natural Stones!

Rough-cut stones and minerals in bold colors is the complete description of local jewelry designer, Sharon Wei. Illustrated on the left is Sharon’s “Atlantis” necklace, an eye-catching piece in bright blue hues of tumbled aquamarine, denim lapis and freshwater pearls. It will brighten up any day!

Bold Jewelry: 2017 Argo & Lehne Style Report

So, What are the Colors of Spring? 

Pantone released the colors and you will begin to notice them in all your favorite stores!

Pantone 2017 Spring Colors