The 2022 Fall/Winter Style Report

fall / winter jewelry


There’s a chill in the air and we’re thinking of warm snuggly sweaters, bonfires and fall holidays. Let us show you some of the latest jewelry fashion trends and pieces to compliment your fall outfits for all occasions.


The Most Popular Jewelry Items For Fall And Winter




Some of the most popular items for Fall and Winter 2022 are cuffs. Whether you gravitate toward an intricate pattern or a simple brushed finish, this will be a bracelet trend for all. One reason this style is gaining popularity is its versatility. You can choose from bolder oversized pieces that include gems and patterns or a simpler cuff that will compliment your fall and winter fashion without overshadowing it. A cuff is a must for your jewelry collection and a piece you can wear for a lifetime. A personalized engraved message is a thoughtful touch and can be completed for most of our cuff collection. View our many options here.



FringeFringe reappears often in jewelry trends because it’s a tasteful and feminine look that moves when you move. We all love that nostalgic feeling we get when something takes us back to the past and that is exactly what fringe is doing this year. Fringe jewelry is great for those who have a bohemian inspired look, but it is also perfect for switching from your day to day look to more elegant evening attire. If you have a more simple jewelry collection, fringe could be just what you need this fall and winter. See more.


The leaves are starting to fall and the days are getting colder. A great jewelry trend for this fall and winter is floral. Yes floral! You may be thinking, why during the colder months would floral be a trend, but we’re seeing it all over the runways. Perhaps, it’s just the warmth we need for the cooler season approaching. From intricate floral patterned cuffs to pins (excellent for outerwear) to pendants, we have a wonderful selection of blooming nature. More flowers.


Geometric shapes are the next trend on our fall and winter 2022 list. Shapes never go out of style when it comes to jewelry and it is perfect for individuals with a more minimalist style. We love shape jewelry because you are able to choose exactly what fits your personal style, it can be subtle or oversized to make a statement. Heart shaped jewelry is a favorite for many, a lovely gift as well as an every day wearable piece. Shapes can also become a statement piece just by adding diamonds or colored gemstones for extra sparkle in a simple look. There are so many different options when it comes to shapes, there is a piece for everyone. View our heart collection.



Last on our fall and winter trends list for this year are chokers. The best part about the colder seasons is layering, and chokers are an essential complement. They come in many different styles, and there are daintier pieces as well as very bold ones. Many of our chokers also have adjustable chains which allow each individual to have the perfect length. Necklaces of fixed lengths tend to only work with certain necklines, but an adjustable choker works with everything. More chokers.






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