Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2023

Engagement ring trends have changed dramatically, along with fashion throughout the years. However, engagement ring trends can be a slower transition. In the past, engagement ring styles have differed from place to place, but with everyone including celebrities sharing their proposals on social media, styles have become more global. So, as we say goodbye to 2022, we welcome the exciting trends of 2023 – truly different from the last several years of thinner bands emphasizing center gems. Whether you love a bold or classic look there is something for everyone this year.

The Cigar Band

We saw this trend begin last year and continue to see it manifest in various forms. Why is it called a cigar band? It echos the gold wrapping on an expensive cigar.

A yellow gold  A&L cigar band coupled with a custom A&L aquamarine diamond engagement ring in yellow gold. The wide cigar band anchors and balances the thinner engagement ring and larger stone – a beautiful compliment.

Weightier Rings

You’ve heard it here – a weightier ring or shall we say, substantial metal, is back on the scene. For so long, many have leaned toward the thinnest band possible and everything “delicate”. Though beautiful aesthetically, as jewelers we tend to be more realistic and advise choosing something less fragile with a bit more meat.  After all, this is your forever ring and we want it to stand the test of time.



Bezel Set

In every metal, style and shape we are seeing the bezel returning. A two-stone bezel is striking but for a more classic look try a solitaire in a thinner or wider band. It’s a minimal, durable style you can really make your own with so many possible variations.


Fancy Shape Stones

Oval, Cushion, Emerald, Pear and Marquise are on the rise. The step cut in either square or rectangle is among the leaders of the fancy cut trend. More and more we see these stones requested in a bezel. Another increasingly popular look is the fancy shape eternity band.

A&L Platinum Emerald Cut Eternity Band, $32,000. Also available in rounds and ovals.

Colored Stones

Tipping the charts are black diamonds and emeralds, not necessarily together but not necessarily apart. As we’ve said for sometime now, the only rule of the game is there are no rules. As proponents of individual style this is a time for us to rejoice! Choose a color that suits you well. Though some gems are more fragile, properly set and worn, they can still work. Or, we can find similar color in a more durable gem.

Megan Fox’s engagement ring illustrates the “toi et moi” style, colored gemstone, fancy shape, cluster and asymmetry designed by Stephen Webster. (Images courtesy of Instagram @MeganFox)


Asymmetry and Cluster Stones

Exceptionally beautiful rings can be created asymmetrically. We are seeing these offset cluster rings in various shapes, sizes and colors. Quite often with a touch of whimsy.


Lab Grown Gems

With the exaggerated size of many engagement ring stones, it is no wonder many consider lab-grown diamonds, sapphires and other gems. These are significantly less expensive and essentially identical. Experienced gemologists and expensive, sophisticated instruments are necessary to differentiate them. Why not go lab if you want to go big? We’ve had the request so many times that we frequently sell lab grown diamonds and are happy to walk you through the process.

Custom Design

With designs so varied and exceptionally unique, it only makes sense that our custom department has become very adept at the creation of bespoke bridal jewelry. The A&L custom experience is a fun and creative way to get exactly what you are after, even if you don’t know what that is at first. Our designers will walk you through the steps. Visualize the ring in 3D or see the it as a wax prototype. We take the scariness out of custom and from start to finish the process can take as little as 4 weeks. To get started on your own unique ring contact us for an appointment. There is no obligation and we will make your dream ring a reality.