The Vintage Advantage: 5 Reasons To Wear Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Pearl RingsVintage jewelry is timeless and beautiful. In the fast paced and heavily manufactured world we live in, it’s no wonder we search for pieces of authenticity and meaning. Gorgeous objects from long ago speak to us of past loves, struggles and triumphs, and enduring value.

Though vintage jewelry has a definite aura of substance, it can also be fun and whimsical. When we rediscover it, it becomes new again! Here are the top 5 reasons we love vintage:

One of a kind

Argo & Lehne prides itself on helping you express your own unique style. With vintage, you can explore a whole array of design eras and discover which ones most resonate with your personality. Maybe you love the strong sassy look of the Retro era or the delicate romance of Art Nouveau. Your vintage piece is not only an accessory, it’s a conversation piece. And it’s very “you!”

Chloe Sevigny Vintage Jewelry

Chloe Sevigny in vintage brooch and earrings.  Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez


Fashion forward

Fashionistas love vintage! Celebrities, from movie stars to royalty, can’t get enough of it, and you see it all the time on couture runways. Because of the vast range of styles and one of a kind nature of vintage jewelry, you can be fashionable and an individual at the same time!

Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Vintage supports the environment and ethical sourcing. While reputable jewelers have become very responsive to these issues, with vintage you have an extra level of assurance. No new mining or manufacturing has produced your piece. You can enjoy the fruits of the earth – metals and gemstones – while also protecting it.


The masters of the past used techniques, standards of excellence and attention to detail that are rare today. Older Georgian and Victorian pieces are completely handmade and many vintage pieces are hand-finished. Make sure your retailer has high standards as well. At Argo & Lehne, our vintage jewelry meets the same standards of excellence for quality, design and condition we’ve always been known for. If you already own a vintage piece, we can repair and refurbish it, bringing back its original beauty and wearability.


Vintage is very sought after now and some of it has provenance. Even so, it is generally a better value than comparable pieces made today. And if you’re willing to do some hunting, you can find fantastic values! An example is this amazing heavy solid gold vintage bracelet. Very few manufacturers would even make this today because of the price of gold. So the best way to find it at an affordable price is through a vintage retailer.Yellow Gold Vintage Bracelet

We adore vintage jewelry and the more we learn about it, the more fascinated we are! Come in and explore with us one of the largest selections of vintage jewelry in central Ohio and learn about the enchanting world of jewelry from the past!