Vintage Jewelry Spotlight: Retro Jewelry

Authentic retro jewelry is jewelry from about 1945-1960. Jewelry from this time period was inspired by the ostentatious style of Hollywood and was colorful, bold, and elaborate. The most common types of jewelry from this time period were large cocktail rings, bracelets, earrings, watches, brooches, necklaces and charm bracelets. The surge in popularity of retro jewelry can, in part, be attributed to the success of shows like Mad Men and icons of ‘50s style such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.



Brooches were hugely popular during this period. In contrast to the masculine fashion during the time of war in the early 1940s, these brooches were distinctly feminine with bold, flowery designs. Recently, brooches have made a comeback in popularity. Retro brooches look fantastic when paired with today’s fashion. They can be pinned to dresses, lapels, collars, or even belts, hats, and handbags. Brooches can give a relatively simple outfit flair, and their versatility makes them an indispensible piece of any jewelry collection.


Retro rings are known for being big and bold, but each one has a unique style of its own. Geometric rings can have a very fluid and romantic look, or you can go for the extravagant look of an asymmetrical ring. Colored stones are usually the focal point of these rings so find a color that suits your own personal fashion style.


Earrings are also a staple of this era. Makers of retro earrings liked to play with shapes and styles which created a lot of variety. Clip-on earrings had recently been patented, so many retro earrings are this type. These pieces look amazing in evening wear, but can also add some drama and intrigue to a daytime outfit.



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