Why Shop Independent Retailers?

Argo Lehne | Fourth of July in Columbus Ohio

A&L Sales & Design Consultant, Dion, sharing his enthusiasm for Independence!

As we approach Fourth of July, we honor our country’s freedom and the wonderful opportunities we’ve been given. We are so fortunate for the fortitude of young “Dickie” Argo, an immigrant watchmaker from Scotland, who opened his own jewelry store in 1924.

How is it that we have preserved his small store and weathered the big box brands, chain stores and on-line shopping? The simple answer is through the loyalty of our customers.

But why do they choose A&L over and over? It’s clear our customers understand the benefits of supporting local business owners.

4 Major Reasons to Shop Local & the Benefits You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Customer Service – When you have a personal connection with the people behind the business, you enjoy service that can’t compare with any other. For us it’s like welcoming a guest into our home; we want to make sure each customer is cared for and feels comfortable. An owner working directly with customers and the intimacy of a company of this size makes your experience perfect, no matter the occasion, purchase or project.

Upper Arlington Parade | Argo & Lehne

A&L’s engraver, Will Argo, playing mellophone and marching his way through the UA parade.

Inventory Assortment – Here at Argo & Lehne, we hand select each piece in our store. We can choose from a multitude of vendors and artists and aren’t limited in what we select. Larger companies and brands often don’t have this privilege as they are obligated to carry specific items. We are also able to highly regulate the quality of our merchandise as we aren’t purchasing our items in bulk. We meticulously examine each item as it enters the store to make sure it meets our standards. 

Community Involvement – We are members of local groups such as Rotary and the Columbus Museum of Art Women’s Board. We support local artists through our quarterly “Art at Argo’s” exhibits in the showroom and by sponsoring events such as the UA Labor Day Art’s Festival.  We connect with our local schools, libraries and philanthropic organizations through donations.  By supporting local businesses, you are strengthening your hometown, culturally as well as monetarily, by keeping resources in the community.

Individualize Your Community – When you shop locally, you allow the store’s culture to give the community something unique. Our store’s personality has been shaped by our community and its culture for the past 90 years. There is a story and tradition at A&L that has followed our customers to their homes, under their Christmas trees, at their baby’s first birthday, their daughter’s wedding and so many more occasions. We have become a Columbus icon – we are uniquely Argo & Lehne.

Upper Arlington Parade | Argo & Lehne Jewelers

A&L President, Michelle, sitting curbside and watching the UA parade. Circa 1980.

For us, the American Dream of owning an independent family run business has become a gratifying reality.

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